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Золотой век человечества

American Civil war

Американцы на Луне

Цензура против Интернета

About journalists

What is journalist? Have you ever thought why do they call themselves «the second oldest profession» (after prostitutes)? The answer is in the question. Do not look for decent journalist — they do not exist because journalist works for order, for money. You get paid and given editorial assignment. But, of course, experienced one does not receive them — he already knows what, where and how should he write. There are no independent journalists, no independent newspapers. Every newspaper expresses someones point of view, exactly the point of view of person on whose money it exists. Do not think it is TC (This Country) only phenomenon. It is everywhere — in Europe, in America, and in Australia. The one who pays the piper — that one calls. Do not listen to stories that journalist is «the fourth power». Journalist is not a power — it is quite cowardly creature which fears most to lose clients because on what funds will he live then? Will go and work in the mine? It is just elementary to own journalist. By the way, if you read article and it makes you disgusted – do not think that journalist, who wrote it, shares written. He could do it for money, but thinks the same way as you.

(Translated by M.B.)

The book «Jesus and Hitler»

© Michael A. De Budyon



© Translated and edited by Viktor Yuskovets



1. Prophets and precursors
2. Christmas
3. Baptism
4. The Apostles
5. Masses
6. Enemies
7. The sympathies and antipathies
8. Women
9. Transfiguration
10. The deeds
11.The Judas
12.Last Supper
13.The Trial

Epilogue: The Formula of Christ   


The book «Relic Europe» («At the begin of the times»)

© M.A. de Budyon



Bad translation from russian edition




1. What hide the maps?

2. Echo of Birth

3. Origin cargo

4. The genetic program

5. The designation of haplogroups

6. «The aryan project»

7. Paleoeuropeans

8. Great Paleoeuropean war

9. Eva and her daughters

10. Two forefather and two Foremothers

11. Was there a matriarchy?

12. Namesakes of all countries — not looking for each other!

13. Оccult treatment

14. The cult of the Great Mother

15. «Race of Atlants»

16. Caucasian Knot

17. Ancestral home of the aryan haplogroups

18. European House

19. When the glacier melted …

20. The appearance of the relics

21. The cult of the relics

22. Indo-European and paleoeuropean languages

23. Across the seas, across the waves…

24. aryan and biology

25. Subtle differences in psychology:

26. Relic`s terrorism

27. «Faustian» and «Apollonian» man

28. Relationship with nature

29.Politics map and a map of haplogroups

30. World wars from the perspective of haplogroups

31. Mental fields

32. My haplogroup

33. The inner sense of self

34. Possible surprises

35. The dominance of haplogroup

36. From the deserts of Arabia

37. The reconstructed tribe priests

38. Riot of the relics in Ukraine

39. Industry of haplogroups

40. Everything falls into place

41. In the end times


«For inquire, I pray thee,

of the former age, And apply

thyself to that which their fathers

have searched out»

(Job 8,8)


What hide the maps?

If you look at the world political map and the map at the same time people will see that very often, national boundaries coincide with the state. This seems odd, given that the borders were constantly changing, often quite dramatically. But the people are not easy to change. You can not be Russian today, tomorrow and suddenly become a Frenchman, the day after tomorrow to be an Arab. You can change the citizenship, you can move from country to country, we can strive to mingle with the people that makes up most of the area, to adopt its language or religion, but is it possible to «complete re-programming»?

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