Эстетика курения

Золотой век человечества

America`s Civil war

Американцы на Луне

О «Конкордах»

The book «Relic Europe» («At the begin of the times»)

© M.A. de Budyon



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1. What hide the maps?

2. Echo of Birth

3. Origin cargo

4. The genetic program

5. The designation of haplogroups

6. «The aryan project»

7. Paleoeuropeans

8. Great Paleoeuropean war

9. Eva and her daughters

10. Two forefather and two Foremothers

11. Was there a matriarchy?

12. Namesakes of all countries — not looking for each other!

13. Оccult treatment

14. The cult of the Great Mother

15. «Race of Atlants»

16. Caucasian Knot

17. Ancestral home of the aryan haplogroups

18. European House

19. When the glacier melted …

20. The appearance of the relics

21. The cult of the relics

22. Indo-European and paleoeuropean languages

23. Across the seas, across the waves…

24. aryan and biology

25. Subtle differences in psychology:

26. Relic`s terrorism

27. «Faustian» and «Apollonian» man

28. Relationship with nature

29.Politics map and a map of haplogroups

30. World wars from the perspective of haplogroups

31. Mental fields

32. My haplogroup

33. The inner sense of self

34. Possible surprises

35. The dominance of haplogroup

36. From the deserts of Arabia

37. The reconstructed tribe priests

38. Riot of the relics in Ukraine

39. Industry of haplogroups

40. Everything falls into place

41. In the end times


«For inquire, I pray thee,

of the former age, And apply

thyself to that which their fathers

have searched out»

(Job 8,8)


What hide the maps?

If you look at the world political map and the map at the same time people will see that very often, national boundaries coincide with the state. This seems odd, given that the borders were constantly changing, often quite dramatically. But the people are not easy to change. You can not be Russian today, tomorrow and suddenly become a Frenchman, the day after tomorrow to be an Arab. You can change the citizenship, you can move from country to country, we can strive to mingle with the people that makes up most of the area, to adopt its language or religion, but is it possible to «complete re-programming»?

Thus, the entire twentieth century in Europe was going increase in the number of states. You look at the map of 1914 and see a hefty Russian Empire on the right, and Austria-Hungary and Germany in the center of the north. Well, in the west — France. The largest of the modern state in Europe — Ukraine — none at all. Poland — there is none. There are a couple of small states in the Balkans, but this is understandable, there — the mountains and the mountains are almost always increased the density of states, we recall central America or the Himalayas.

Then went to the «disintegration». Although the twentieth century is the century of «internationalism», at least in Europe, the States ‘somehow’ shared only on a national basis. After the First War, it still was not so obvious, such as the Czechs and Slovaks have created a single state, is also created for the South Slavs. From the debris of fallen empires, the three blinded huge Poland, given the independence of the Finns and the Baltic nations, artificially inflated Romania, finally gave the Irish sovereignty. In the period 1939-45. there was a kind of «deviation from the mainstream» on one side divided Germany, on the other — the three Baltic republics again included «in Russia», well, since 1991 the creation of nation states, it would seem, has reached the completed forms. Yugoslavia broke up, and not even just on religious grounds, for example, those same Serbs and Montenegrins are not much different in terms of language and religion they have the same, but strictly according to the national. Czechoslovakia — the state is quite successful even under the communist regime — also collapsed. Collapsed and the Soviet Union, just as well on national borders once drawn by Lenin and Stalin. But the united Germany. Also on a national basis. Complete the work that the West recognized Kosovo’s independence — which is Serbian territory, «croat» Tito’s long and hard inhabited by albanians.

It would seem that the process of «national-state demarcation» is completed. But looking at what is happening in Europe as something does not make such a conclusion. There’s something wrong, something does not fit. You feel that under all that satin concealed mines laid once a very long time. These mines are periodically emerge to dash with different force.

These mines have the same name — separatism. On the one hand as if «all» have their own states. Even some «Bosnian Muslims». On the other hand, are struggling for their independence, the Basques in Spain. There is a Scottish and Irish separatism separatism in Ulster. There is a Corsican separatism in France. Albanian separatism in Serbia seem to be satisfied in full, but even there, not all completely «ustakanilos». We look at the map of Ukraine — formally a unitary state. Formally. But realistically, Ukraine — a few states, at least two. Who does not believe — let look map of the distribution of votes in the presidential elections in 2004 and 2010. This is because, for starters. Go ahead — Russia. Where it is the weakest and complex place? That’s right — the Caucasus. A lot of mountain people. Against the background of the rest of the huge (the largest in the world!) Russian occupied area of Caucasian nations even see it, and in numerical terms, they represent a small percentage. However, they reached down and keep at bay all this huge country. Basque Country is a small part of the area of Spain, but «the Basque issue» comes up regularly. Kosovo — a little scrap of land on which there is no oil, no gold, and nothing at all, but how many because it was the noise! Even before the war came. The same goes for Ukraine — Ukrainian nationalism and the whole idea of a «state of their own» move (just moved, hyped his others) in the main inhabitants of Galicia, the Carpathians and the Carpathian region, which again is quite a small part of it.

Strange, is not it? Why, for example, Macedonians can gain independence, and the Basques — no? Or why France gave independence richest colonies, but stubbornly clings to Corsica — the pile of stones in the middle of the sea. And can somehow tie all of these have not reached (in Ukrainian and Albanian version — have reached) their success «separatism» in a chain?

You can. To do this, note that they are all «based» in the mountainous terrain. Scotland (Scotland), the Basque country (Escario), Corsica, Kosovo, the Carpathians and the Caucasus. Even the names are somewhat similar, is not it? And what it taught us Russian-Tatar ethnographer Lev Gumilev? And the fact that in the mountains, it is in the mountains, but not in other areas, the so-called relic preserved tribes. And do not be deceived as to how people are positioned itself, the language they speak and believe in any God. They can speak in any language, but biology, genetic memory can not hide, it will still come out sooner or later. Actually, this will be discussed.


The genetic program

The anthropic principle in crude formulation states that everything in the universe is arranged exactly as is, because if any, even the smallest deviations, for example, in the values of fundamental constants, it would not be able to exist in its present form. This suggests that the universe evolves in a certain program, which, though not strictly deterministic involves the particulars, but it inevitably leads to one or another purpose — to the emergence of stars, chemical elements, biological forms. Here, as a man: his home program — is its genome. We do not know all the information which is passed through it. In the human DNA of 46 chromosomes, half of it inherits from his father, half from the mother. From the set obtained from his father’s son, in a single male Y-chromosome has a set of nucleotides, which is passed from generation to generation without any change over the millennia. This is the haplogroup. That is, you, your father, your son, your father, grandfather and so on, all the male line should be the same haplogroup. These Haplogroup slightly, about a dozen. That is, if you and some people completely unfamiliar to you was the same haplogroup, it means that once you have had a common ancestor, «first father». In turn, divided into subclades of haplogroup — «family» within haplogroups. If two people the same, not only haplogroup subclade but also, they are closer degree of relationship than those who have the same haplogroup, but the other subclade. Identify their male haplogroup can be ordered appropriate analysis, the price of such assays are now available and are comparable with the cost of low-cost mobile phone.

But that’s not all! How is it that to know — what kind of relationship with each other to have two people having the same haplogroup and subclade same? In other words, how do you know how they related? In nature, nothing is accidental, all a product of evolution and natural selection. So, the nature (and modern technology) the opportunity we are given. She repeatedly duplicate the information recorded in certain regions of the Y chromosome, the so-called «loci». The number of repeats varies from 5 to 40. From generation to generation in a mutation loci and the number of repetitions is reduced by 1-2 repeat or increased. Such repetitions abbreviated STR (short tandem repeat). Special analysis of Y-chromosome reveals the exact number of repeats locus with a known amount of repetition is called a marker. DNA, and your «family passport» — a table such as these markers. The more markers, the better we can determine this relationship. Currently, tests are done on 12, 25, 37.67, and 111 markers.

That is my brother on the father of these 37 markers can be identical or may differ by 1 digit — for example, the marker DYS 391 it will be not 10 but 11. This is called «distance in one step». But if you will be 13 (three steps), then it is cause for suspicion — a home he my brother? Although the fact that some not very distant relative — is obvious. And of course, if the figures in different markers will be different, we do not brothers. Through these markers can be calculated and haplogroup, since for each haplogroup has its own characteristic set. But now for precise subclades you need to make a separate ad hoc analysis.

All have made the analysis and their «ancestral passport» — that is, genetic markers — are entered in a special database on which you can find their relatives, even distant ones. I have so far found five such relatives, they all come from Europe, though belonging to different nations.

Since the density of information implicit in the DNA is huge, it is likely much more than we can imagine, it is unlikely these nucleotides are needed only as a «generic token» which in itself means nothing. Why they are repeated 40 times? Just like that? But in nature nothing is so simple, does not happen nothing more, especially in such a delicate matter as the inheritance of characteristics, although of course reduce everything to a small portion of which is determined by haplogroup DNA also does not follow. This is just one of the important features, and its importance increases with the transition to the statistical level, because each ethnic group is characterized by one or another set of haplogroups and their subclades. Here are the «statistics» and we will focus our study examined haplogroup defining the majority of Europeans and their descendants living in America, Australia, New Zealand.

Nietzsche when he said that «there is no pure races, but there is a race purified» was in his own right. He looked into the future. He lived at a time when the German Empire (and indeed the whole of Europe) raced back to the greatest possible speed, and white divided between the last «independent» color country. He was born when Germany was a conglomeration of hundreds of principalities, and died at the time when she, aptly Kaiser Wilhelm II, rode in the twentieth century «in shining armor» coming to produce the final product in the second place in the world. It seemed that just about all of our weaknesses and shortcomings will be overcome in the new states which, as Hegel said, is now just become a «way of God on Еarth».

Spengler, who wrote his «The Decline of the West» (Nietzsche would have a headline in the head would not come) after Germany had been crushed Armistice and the Treaty of Versailles, where the three largest of the monarchy had been destroyed, and instead of the Kings and Kaisers ruled at best right-wing socialists, was not so optimistic. And if Nietzsche asked himself the question: «Is it possible to cultivate», then the whole essence of the ideas of Spengler was to ensure that no elevation is not possible, that its base peak the peoples of Europe have been a long time — at 900-1200 AD, and since then everything was getting worse and worse, and all sorts of «science» and other «culture» in its modern sense — this is just a symptom of degenerating societies. About science and technology, we have already said. As for the «culture», but now any student from the comfort of your apartment may get on the Internet, such information and access to such information, which twenty years ago, and academics had access, and if they had, then on its search and retrieval took much time. So what? Culture streamed out of all the cracks? All were very clever? Just the contrary. A significant drop in the educational level observed even in the West, as to the countries of the former USSR, they are quickly rolled back to African standards.

Obviously, 130 years after Nietzsche wrote his books and 80 years from the time he wrote his Spengler, the latter is far more accurate in forecasting — The West does not expect anything good. And mind you, Spengler did not know about the second war that began after his death, did not know about the loss of the colonies, nor about the collapse of communism, nor about the invasion of migrants from Africa and Asia, nor about the current «information age», but this is not have been necessary. He understood that the structure itself, the scheme itself in Western society will result in his death. And really, is it so important for a person by what he died at age 25 — from tuberculosis or cancer?

But he said about the male haplogroup tell and about women. It is known that the man wears a set of male Y and female X chromosome set. The woman has two sets of X chromosomes. That is, if you are male and have a son, then you give him his Y-chromosome (and haplogroup). And if my daughter? After all, it will not have Y-haplogroups, since there is no Y-chromosome. And what haplogroup son inherits from the mother?

It turns out that in the mitochondria — intracellular organelles — has its own, internal DNA. It was opened in 1963. In humans, mitochondrial DNA is inherited only through the maternal line, but it gets and the son and daughter. She seemed to be «less accurate» — as is transmitted to both sexes. Mitochondrial DNA is simpler and shorter than the nuclear, contains the vast majority of genes, but it is not subject to recombination, and changes in it can only happen through a very rare random mutations. By comparing the sequences of mitochondrial DNA, and it occurred over time, mutations can determine the degree of relationship of people living in the female line.


«The aryan project»

In our study, we will often use the term ‘aryan’, as it seems to us most appropriate to refer to most modern Europeans, the majority of people in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Naturally, we are interested first of all Europe as the main population of the rest of these countries is a product of European expansion. We will invest in it about the same meaning as that put him in the writers and philosophers, XIX-early XX century — Fyodor Dostoevsky and Otto Weininger, Eduard Schuré and Rudyard Kipling. Negative which may be associated with some notion of the data almost always is tied to the «Third Reich» and «Hitler with Rosenberg». Exactly the same thing happened with the swastika, which is painted by anyone, anywhere, but which is now associated exclusively with «Nazi symbol». In fact, as seems quite likely, the majority of top figures of Nazi Germany in general has nothing to do with the aryans.

So, knowing that this haplogroup, we can explain and what is aryan. Initially — a carrier of haplogroup R. As to where it originated, is not completely clear. Presumably it could arise between the modern Volga and the Don, probably before its distribution area of the Southern Urals. Lifetime occurrence — 25 thousand years ago. Although before the era of geographical discoveries in the XV-XVII centuries its carriers were localized exclusively in Europe, Central and South Asia, an isolated subgroup belonging to subclades R1b was found among the indigenous people of northern Cameroon. Most likely even before the separation of Africa and the Sahara, the aryans migrated to and including the African continent. One of the traces of this migration — Cameroonian negros with the aryan haplogroup R1b.

Of course, in the XIX century, when revolution was launched, the term «aryan» all of these genetic subtleties did not know. Count Arthur de Gobineau created the first consistent race theory has identified three major races by skin color (white, yellow and black) and white race marked by the term «aryan». This was done against the background of acquaintance with the Europeans, Sanskrit and Zend, it turned out that these languages are similar, hence there was generally correct assumption that in antiquity there was some people saying the general «aryan» or as they say, «Indo-European language». These were the original aryans. And even if we now look at the area of distribution of haplogroups R1a and R1b, we see that it is a rare exception covers the countries that speak the languages of the aryan is the group. The term «Indo-Europeans» in light of our present knowledge can be considered as wrong — and yet the aryans and Indo-European languages were not his homeland India.

In the Third Reich went further and declared the supreme aryan type of so-called «Nordic type», and it is still unclear — why him? If you take all the famous theorists of racism, the Nordic appearance there did not have one. I think that this was done purely for aesthetic reasons. We, the word «aryan» in this context we mean not just white Europeans, but the White Europeans — the carrier of a particular psychology, because the study showed haplogroups, modern Europe rests on two powerful genetic bases — paleoeuropean and, in fact, the aryan. «A full-aryan» — a «race plus the relevant psychology». The same — and «full paleoeuropean».

The theory of evolution, not in the sense of the evolution of the living world, and in a kind of global understanding of the evolution of all things, is responsible for all issues except the most interesting, but their methodology is so constructed that respond to it as it is not required. Evolution, in Latin, means «deployment» but not «occurrence». We do not know because of what the Big Bang, that is, have no idea what was before him. We do not know how there was a living from the nonliving. We do not know how different groups of primates appeared creature called «man-wise». However, it is obvious that all these events occurred due to the rapid and a single process, this is consistent with what scientists have not yet found a «missing link» between ape and man. And do not find it. This is about the same, what to look for «missing link» between living and nonliving matter. Here are just racing. Like that, when ordinary unremarkable parents born child genius.

aryan was always there where it is convenient, comfortable place at that time varied greatly, as the climate is almost continuously and radically changed. It is not excluded that on the eve of such a fundamental change we are now, and it is unclear in which direction it will swing — toward warming or vice versa, in the cold snap? What is now warmer, let no one enter into deception, often preceded by a dramatic collapse of warming temperatures. When in Europe were first aryans we do not know, but their mass migration began there in 5500 years BC In any case, accidentally found in the Tyrol in 1991, the «frozen» and therefore well-preserved man Etsi we can say that this race was already firmly stood on the continent and led a sedentary life. A copper content in the blade of his ax is 99.7% — very high purity, which indicates possession of the skill of its production.



Whom did the aryans met in Europe? In the literature tale about the ancient world can often find the term «pre-aryan population of Europe». Refers to the totality of the tribes inhabiting the European continent before the arrival of the aryans. And if the prehistoric past the aryan race is a mystery, something much bigger mystery — Who were these «pre-aryans»? After all, if we proceed from the fact that all men are of themselves or one of the pure («root»), race, or are the product of racial mixing, then these «pre-aryans» can somehow qualify. And here begins continuous failures. Qualify them does not work. You do not. Everywhere a dead end. A good example here are the Basques, they — the only nation that has preserved its own language, they are the only relic autochthons Europe speak Indo-European languages do not. Have you ever heard that the Basque language? Very interesting, especially if you know a few languages. When I first heard about half an hour could not stop — it seemed that I hear all the languages of Europe and Asia — from Spanish to Chinese, but mixed in some bizarre way, and I do not understand a word! As if time travel is done! Immediately reminded of the legend of the Tower of Babel, when people once again want to become «like gods», and in response, God took and shared their tongues, after which they simply could no longer understand each other. Or maybe it’s not a legend? Can builders and talked to myself this «Basque», which is then divided into all the others, in a language that is similar to many and at the same time — no matter what.

As for the genetic memory of the white, the first thing they are associated with negative perceptions of black as the color of death, and of general perception of «evil», all that comes from the forces of evil in the form of black. This is understandable as it is the product of collisions with the black race. But if kept in contact with the memory «pre-aryans»?

To answer this question, yet to «dig», but we can remember for many typical aryan legends about dwarfs, goblins, orcs, who live in caves, mountains and caves. On black it does not seem to here some other layer. In general, the binding of evil to the «underworld», and it does not go away from Christianity, but has a much longer history.

Officially, the relic people in Europe now, only one — the Basques. But there they are written on the basis of language. They would lose their language, they would long ago have been considered normal by the Spaniards, as well as the French say Gascons. Muddy the situation with the Albanians, the Albanian language as such is considered to be Indo-European, but is more distinctive and was listed in the family is not so long ago. Obviously, the relic Albanians (Illyrians) spoke some other language.

In fact, the assimilation of primordial peoples does not mean «transformation» of the aryans. Yes, they have forgotten their language. Yes, they were formally merged into one people with the aryans, but genetic memory, psycho and «biology» is not so easy to «merge». And despite the fact that the aryans in Europe are present in large numbers already 7500 years (surprisingly, this period coincides with the period of existence of the world in the Christian calendar), relic groups and individuals, individuals quite a relic preserved and influence the situation in their countries do not smaller than the aryans. Besides that, formally, as if they do not.

One example of a relic of types. A resident of Galicia. Ukraine.

And it’s the people of Galicia. Spain.

Also, it is impossible to reconstruct a single image of a typical pre-aryan, and apparently there was no such easy, because they lived in separate tribes and spoke different, completely different languages. But some common features can provide. First of all, brachycephaly, dark brown or black hair and brown more than the aryan color. For paleoeuropeans was characterized by high growth, but very often it is massive physique and large head size. Of course, it has remained in Europe aborigines who do not have a noticeable proportion of aryan blood, but comparing them and «subtracting» one typical aryan features, you can make yourself portraits source types.

The Basque language has been studied very well, but «qualified» it also does not work, as well as its carriers — relic Basque. Most enduring hypothesis was the suggestion of his relationship with the Caucasian languages, in particular with the Georgian. After all, the Basques — the descendants of tribes who lived in the Iberian Peninsula, and the ancient name of Georgia — Iberia (ie Iberia). There are a Barbary — a country which lies to the south of the Iberian Peninsula. But now this «linguistic hypothesis» can be disproved, it is popular only in Georgia.

Relationship is not supported by the Basque language and other well-known how or pre-aryan languages of Europe, such as the Lydian or Etruscan. On the other hand, those words that we know of the Etruscan language does not allow you to somehow qualify him as well. Paleolingvuists administered to all of them, the term «Sea Peoples», but our knowledge of them is so scanty that make definite conclusions quite impossible. It is likely that these people spoke a completely different language, that fact may indicate that they lived in isolation for a long time or do not have any relation to each other. Exactly how many years? A lot. Many, many thousands of years. Take the same aryans. 1500 years BC, they came to India. After 3300 years (ie, ca. 1800) have shown that Indo-aryan languages there the people are similar to European ones, as we have said the discovery prompted «aryan discourse». That is 3,300 years lived quite separately, at different edges of the light, and languages — like! And living next Ibero-Basques and Etruscans — speak entirely different. That sort things out!

But what about the Basques is one “hook». Visited on the British island of Julius Caesar is uniquely tied to the Iberian Picts — another relic people, who formally disappeared in the X century AD. Picts did the drawings on my body like tattoos, hence their name. Version of Iberian origin of the picts — the most popular with British scientists, especially when you consider that the Picts did not passed the throne on the male and the female line, that is exactly like the Iberians. In Ireland, the picts were cruithne relatives.

In order to somehow identify all the terminology pre-aryan substratum in Europe, was offered the term «Old Europe». Proposed by Maria Gimbutas — an archaeologist, the author of several popular books. According to her until the arrival of the aryans Europe was inhabited peaceful pastoral tribes who lived by the laws of matriarchy, not worshiping the gods and goddesses who had priority on the moon the sun and read a bull as a major cult animal. We use the term «Relic Europe» — by analogy with the residual background, almost invisible, but omnipresent. Not letting a long psychological analysis with Mrs. Gimbutas, note that the company run by women who can hardly be considered optimal. In the end, these people were destroyed or assimilated aryans. Good word «or»! Or they’ll kill you, or you will become a billionaire. So here: «or killed, or assimilated». What did become of the «pre-aryans»?


Was there a matriarchy?

Accurate determination of the fact that the majority of R-and I-aryans paleoeuropeans had common HV-mothers will finally solve the long-running dispute about that — was or was not in the history of the white race so-called «matriarchy», which in the minds of the common man is understood as a «female domination». A number of researchers believe paleoeuropean matriarchy was just at them and later replaced him patriarchy aryans. If you look at the aryan languages, it seems to be this conjecture has a right to exist, as in most European languages, the concept of «homeland» is tied specifically to the «father» — that is, «Vaterland», «Patira», «Batkivschina», «Fatherland» etc. That is the standard aryan minds of all «they rule» males. On the other hand, in some languages, the concept of «race» and «homeland» are from the same root, and in some Slavic languages, «homeland» and «family» refers to the same word. For example, in the Ukrainian language, moreover, that in the Ukraine just attitude towards women was very similar to that system which was in paleoeuropean. The English language is the word «Fatherland», and the word «Motherland». We have already noted that in countries where the percentage of haplogroup I, I1 rather significant and where a lot of background element (England, Sweden, Norway, Denmark) the impact of women in politics has always been more prominent. Now, for example, Sweden (considered the standard «aryan» and «nordism!») Almost one in Europe in the rate of feminization.

Even in feminized countries (without any «matriarchy»), a woman by nature can affect the process only through men. To represent the country ruled by one man — easily. Imagine a woman as head of state control over men — too easy, about as many from Catherine II, Mary Queen of Scots, Catherine de Medici and Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher. But now imagine a country where the ratio of power to have only women is quite impossible. So there was no matriarchy. And was this:

Obviously, that came to Europe, aryans (both male and female) was much lower than paleoeuropeans, at least at the beginning of their migration. But it is evident that they displaced relic haplogroup I and drove it through the males. Moreover, if in the same German or Greek, was a layer paleoeuropean words, it is clear that the process of displacement was not a one-time, perhaps it took several thousand years. And actually here in the «case» women joined, though very peculiar way which was recorded in historical documents, namely: the power transmitted not from father to son and from his father — to her husband’s daughter. That is down from father to son in law. Take the same Rome. The first king — Romulus. He had the sons and grandsons, but the power of none of them got it. In this note, Romulus, like all Latins were aryan who spoke in Latin.

It is known for that later Roman kings — Tarquin the Elder and Servius Tullius handed over power to his zyatyam. At the same time, we know that a number of Roman kings were Etruscans, who with almost 100% probability of Y-haplogroup had I, that is paleoeuropeans who came to Italy from the north. We also know that the Romans borrowed from their system of imperial power, not only in terms of organization and modes of transmission, but even in the smallest external attributes. That relic of people joined the cult of the aryans mother, although to a lesser degree, it is now evident from relic nations and regions.

Similar things can be traced, and the Greeks and the Celts. That is the power transmitted through the male line, but not his own son. On the contrary, my father chose a suitable copy of the entire set of men (there is a chance to choose a decent was much higher than «just to give power to one of his sons») and gave him his daughter, together with the government. Even in later Rome, where the influence of relic traditions was felt less, were easier to make: the emperors to adopt future successor and handed him the power as a «son». His sons were the same biological «in flight». Since woman is the intermediary in the transfer of power between men and of course could also affect the father and the husband, the more a woman here has its own trump cards. That was the «matriarch». Therefore, the biography of the same Roman kings rather murky, and some of their names can hardly be called aryans — «Numa», «Tull(us)», «Anc(us)». The penultimate king — Servius Tulli(us) was generally of slaves, as is evident by its name. That is, the previous king calmly gave his daughter a slave and servant, gave all the power. And Tullius was a great king! Well understood at the dawn of the biology of ancient Rome! Clearly, not everything went smoothly, power, money and women — this sort of thing which thing which is elementary, and no time to embroil all men, even though they are friends, even identical twins. The king Tarquinius Priscus who gave his second daughter (and power) Servius Tullius was killed the previous king’s sons of Ancus Marcius, apparently unhappy with the fact that power has gone «wrong» and I think such things happened regularly. However, this method still can be considered biologically more reasonable than the automatic transfer of power to his eldest son. That aryan Europe went on a «father-son» and that? Pretty soon the sons began to appear only for the daughters of other ruling families, and very quickly became related to one another. The number of degenerate offspring of these marriages was beating all the records, and these feeble-minded children are actually became rulers and very much contributed to the degradation of their countries, rather than actions, as inaction and inability to make decisions in the interests of the country, rather than any single influential clan.

The reconstruction of the appearance of the people whose remains were found in the Harz Mountains (southern German state of Lower Saxony). Total found 40 people (21 women and 19 men) who lived around 1000 to 700 BC Were installed mitochondrial haplogroup 36 people, 17 of them belonged to haplogroup H, 5 — T2, 9 — U5b and 5 — J. Y-chromosome was set at 15 out of 19 men. Most (12) of them belonged to haplogroup I2b2, 2 — to R1a and 1 — to R1b. They also found that 40% of the members of this genus are lactose intolerant, ie unable to digest milk. Among them were people like light and dark hair. Something similar to the Etruscans.


«The Great Goddess of the World»

However, the seal of the hypothetical paleoeuropean «matriarchy» you can search and reliably monitored events. About religion of paleoeuropeans at least those that existed before the advent of Hellas and Rome, we really know almost nothing. On the other hand, even if we can not «directly» to check our guesses and assumptions, based on the fact that people have a genetic memory, you can try to verify these conjectures indirectly. And, in particular, the idea that I-paleoeuropeans was matriarchal and that they worship the female form «of the Great Goddess».

What we have to begin with? And the fact that Christianity arose in areas where the media is completely dominated by haplogroup J, and the second-largest carriers are haplogroup E. Of course, that as these areas were part of the Roman Empire, the «eternal city», which celebrated the birth of Christ in the year its 750th anniversary, it brought the carriers of these haplogroups, that is not the aryans and not paleoeuropeans. Throughout the centuries, Christianity spread throughout Europe, came to Russia, that’s just on the Middle East was replaced by more appropriate for the population of Gdańsk religion — Islam. And in early Christianity and in Islam the woman’s role was minimized, and it is a complete human being, you never considered.

But more interesting things started. In 1054 there is a «Great Schism» — the church is divided into the Western («Catholic») and Eastern (the «Orthodox»). The Catholic Church has covered the region completely dominated R1b and I1, while in Poland and the Czech accounted for most R1a, the area was inhabited by the Orthodox Church virtually all the Balkan I2 and much of R1a. It is also significant that the last in Europe, Christianity was the Lithuanians — the people whose language of the European most similar to Sanskrit. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe…

Moving on. We will not paint what exactly is different from the orthodoxy of Catholicism, this is not the subject of this study, we note only that directly concerns us, namely the fact equal-God status of the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church. No, it does not enter into the Holy Trinity, but it seems to be a separate force. It is difficult to understand logically, because you want to combine both views Semites, aryans and paleoeuropeans, which is hardly possible. But look for yourself: now the main feature of worshiping Mary in Catholicism is the dogma of her Immaculate Conception. But this doctrine is relatively new. In the ancient church tradition, there was no version of the conception of Mary without sin, her mother Anna. Version of the Immaculate Conception was formalized dogma of Pope Pius IX December 8, 1854, although in 1476 the triumph of the Immaculate Conception (December 8) introduced the Pope Sixtus IV. Why is this dogma introduced so late? Why not, say, in the XII century, for example? To understand this, you need to «loosen» the time 400 years ago.

So, is 1096. The first major act of Catholicism: the First Crusade. The very idea, of course, purely aryan, for I-paleoeuropeans always been locked into their «European Home» and the global expansive plans of conquest is not nurtured. The campaign was successful in 1099 captured Jerusalem based Christian principalities in Palestine. Began what we now call the era of chivalry. However, the Turks struck back soon repulsed the Christians of Edessa and the Principality of Edessa destroying what was the occasion for the beginning of the Second Crusade. His results, with very promising prospects, were entirely worthless, insignificant in terms of achieving formal goals. To Palestine did not come down. At the same time there was one thing that greatly contributed to the culture and history, and Catholic doctrines.

French King Louis VII took with him his young wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. Then (as now) wives take trips not had been taken, they were replaced a prostitute. Eleanor quickly understand the situation, acted according to the circumstances and even openly entered into sexual relationships with the right people.

I do not know whether it happened by accident or there was some intent, but now at the head of troops for the first time a woman was the queen. This was the beginning of the revival of the cult of women, female ruler, female goddess. Knights — these swine, these rough illiterate dirty lout, who bathed in the best case a few times a year, and instead of signing puts an end, suddenly began to compose primitive poetry and songs in honor of the ladies competing in the book of poems and songs, then moving into campaigns, began to give them their promises and dedicate real or imaginary exploits. So there Minnesang — a medieval knight’s poetry, where Christianity was connected with the ancient paleoeuropeans reminiscences of the Great Goddess.

And what about Eleanor? It is not appeased, leaving her husband Louis and marrying the English king Henry. The Queen can do anything. The fruit of this marriage of convenience was Richard the Lion Heart — the main person involved in the Third Crusade, whose fame was inflated to the scale of the troubadours quite disparate from his real contribution. And of course the fashion for the worship of the woman instantly spread to England — it was full of background elements. Now every knight, together with a common mother — Mary — and had his earthly lady love. But the Knights, even among them, and met talented people, yet were not professional poets or musicians, so in these professions there has been great demand. Arose the demand for artists. Thus, in a well-fertilized soil were buried seeds that will soon turn into shoots — the Renaissance. Revival of ancient and paleoeuropean representations, but under the Christian worldview.

Modern man knows very little about that period. Well, maybe someone reading a book about a crazy old Cervantes hidalgo Don Quixote performs his feats in the name of Dulcinea del Toboso, but the book Cervantes — humor, she makes fun of itself as chivalry and romance as a genre, as written at the time of complete degeneration of the phenomenon . More advanced are familiar with the operas of Wagner’s «Tannhauser», «Tristan and Isolde» and «Parsifal», and they just set up based on the works of the Knights minnesingers. The origins of the legends of «Tristan» generally traced back to the Picts, that is — to paleoeuropeans.

Do you think about this new cult of the Catholic Church? And did. More specifically — positively treated. Though such worship and dedication to the Earth woman was quite clear departure from the Christian dogmas. But resist the pressure of the people who represented the secular power the Church could not. Instead of inheriting from the East of contempt for a woman — her cult, and instead of reasoning about the sin of love and sex — his chanting. And now the Saints of both sexes appear in the paintings completely naked (like ancient, «Apollonian» gods), and all men «somehow» inflated athletes, and women — of magnificent forms, just as those that excite the «male athletes». Iconography — is also not far behind, and now Mary appears in the icons and mosaics as an invincible militant force to intercede for the people. Folklore also works and has been praised Mary as a goddess of nature and of nature depicted.

Mental layer is also «involved in the process», and now the writers and scientists begin their work dedications such as «Mother of the best of the sons, daughters of the best of fathers, Immaculate Virgin, ivory tower, queen of the angels, the morning star ..».. Who made the biggest contribution to the romanticized image of «woman-goddess»? The French, Spaniards, Englishmen and partly southern Germans. That is where the country is full of relics and where the main area of R1b, with which most stirred. The Germans dominated the Bavarians and Austrians. Tannhauser — Bavarian (Austro-Bavarian home barons Tangusen), Walter von der Vogelweide — from Austria and so on. Note that this «worship of woman» reached the most egregious forms of it in Spain, that is, where have lived relics Iberians. And let them have adopted Christianity, even talking on the Indo-European languages, even if mixed with the Visigoths and Arabs all the same genetics was ruled.

A little later, the Catholic Church caught on and the Inquisition pay for women (namely women!) His full attention. In 1486 Sprenger and Institoris will release «The Hammer of the Witches», which told in detail how to distinguish a man from a witch in Europe and flamed the fires of inquisition which will be lit red, green-eyed, very high and very low contrast, and most importantly — a very sexually attractive . But the «trend» can not be overcome, especially considering that very soon lose the Catholics in Europe, half of which are and will be very happy that have not lost everything.

When the revolution occurred in France, the official Catholic Church was deposed, the temples were closed en masse, and the place of the supreme deity took the «Goddess of Reason», that is a woman. «Goddess» during costume ideas represented different women, usually prostitutes, after she had entered a particular cult. Often during these celebrations were held demonstrations executions of criminals — not bad? This in a country which was considered the locomotive of European culture!

In this case, we note that in Poland, which is still trying to pose as the most Catholic country in Europe, there is no «minnesang» and «deification of women» was not. Since all of the regular Catholic dogma. No personal initiative. This is natural, since there are clearly dominated by R1a and very little relic. And who put an end to the cult of Mary? Martin Luther — a native of the region where completely dominated by R1a. By the way! Note that Refomation abolished celibacy for all Catholic ministers. Indeed, as was previously: to serve God — no connections with women. This is also the remainder of paleoeuropean views — the priests and priestesses should be located outside of sex. It is clear that the ban violated this always, but the setting is very revealing. Now, as the woman became «the same person», she starred in the sanctity of every and it could get married. A hundred years before Luther in Catholicism could strike Jan Hus, also from the region dominated by R1a. By the way, Gus sent to the stake Juan Torquemada, the uncle of that «Grand Inquisitor» Torquemada. So, the modern theory claiming that the woman in the paleoeuropean world had much higher status than a purely aryan, may be considered reasonable. Another question — is it good or bad? But the answer is beyond the scope of this study.


Occult treatment

In 1914, the famous French writer, poet, philosopher, historian and musicologist Edouard Schure published his famous book «The Great Initiates». In it, he, among other things, collected prevailed in his time of presentation of the history and basic interaction of peoples and races and, with his brilliant talent is presented in an almost religious text. It is symbolic that this book was published in the beginning year of the First World War won. Here he writes on Schure question that interests us:

«Over the millennia, each continent developed its flora and fauna and their humanity with different skin colors. Southern continent, absorbed in the last great flood, was the cradle of the primitive red race, American Indians only remnants of the troglodytes, 2 ascended to the tops of the mountains before they hit the continent. Africa — The mother of the black race, the Greeks called Ethiopia. Asia has made the yellow race, which is held in China.

The last newcomer — the white race, came from the forests of Europe, stretching between the stormy Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea smiling. All varieties of the human race come from mixing and matching the degeneracy of the four great races … In this cycle dominated by the white race, and if you measure the probable antiquity of India and Egypt, the beginning of its rule should be attributed to seven or eight thousand years ago. In previous cycles, dominated alternately red and black race, and they had a mighty civilizations which left traces in Cyclopean buildings and architecture in Mexico. In the temples of India and Egypt were about these extinct civilizations brief instructions in the secret writings and hieroglyphs.

With the white race all seem clear — indeed in 1914, its dominance looked impressive, in fact, the whole world was divided into rulers who had haplogroup R1b, that is, descendants of settlers rushed en masse to Europe 5500 years BC. With black in general, it is clear, too — according to modern concepts such as women’s and men’s sort of come together to «Mitochondrial Eve» and «Y-chromosome Adam» — that is, to no one and pervomuzhchine pervozhenschine, where they lived both in Africa. However, on the same concepts, these «pervolyudi» lived in different eras, separated by tens of thousands of years at least, so that «Adam», Well it was certainly not my husband of «Eve». But with a red or Indian race from occultists such as slip out. Virtually 100% of American Indian Y-haplogroup is present Q. It very young, 15-20 thousand years old and entered her native to America from Asia across the Strait of Berengo. Alleged home — Central Asia, perhaps even it had Attila with his Huns, but, again, just a guess. It occurs throughout Eurasia — from Norway to Mongolia and Chukchi Peninsula. In general, at first glance, nothing special.

On the other hand it is proved that the expansion could go to America and across the Pacific. Well, add that occultists believed heirs to that ancient red race is not all Indians, but only that part of them which reached its highest development — the Aztecs and Mayans. They were small people must be kept in obedience to vast areas. And who knows — whether they have or at least their elites have been Haplogroup Q?

The spread of haplogroup Q.


Recall that the Egyptian Tutankhamen found the «Celtic» group R1b, which for Egypt is not typical at all. Recall also that the Indians of the dependent tribes very well have helped conquistador actually completely destroy their culture. In the language of Nahuatl, the native Aztec language, the word «Aztec» literally means «someone from Aztlan», a mythical place, located on the legends «in the north». The word «Aztlan» has ancient paleoeuropean root «TLA», denoting the sea, we will tell about it. From this root is the name of «Atlantic» and the term «thalassocracy’. And who is this «someone»? Where did he come or are likely sailed? And why do the Aztecs welcomed the conquistadors as gods? Why for God took Hernan Cortes — a man with «a silver beard?» In XX century, this legend has been developed, although already in quite an unexpected way.


«Race of Atlantis»

The origin of the aryan race and those who lived in Europe before, were very interested in the Third Reich, moreover, that as a prototype for the planned there «uebermensch» was chosen as the Nordic aryan type. The extent to which he was the «right» we are not going to argue, but the most daring anthropologists insisted that «humanity» is divided not into «aryans and animals», and the «Nordic type and animals». But it is — politics and ideology. In reality, all took a pretty peculiar forms, which we explain here what the circumstance.

Second and Third Reich related to each other about the same as the Russian Empire to the Soviet Union. It is also significant that the last emperor, Wilhelm II and Nicholas II were cousins. All the Second Reich in all its guises — is the Prussians and the Lutherans. Kaiser, Moltke, Schlieffen, Wagner, Nietzsche, von Treitschke — all of this group. And almost everything — Nord!

Nordic aryan. Blond beast. The racial ideal of the Third Reich.


The third Reich «in the main faces» — is almost 100% of cases, Catholics mixed (usually very muddy) origin starting with the Fuhrer. aryan character types there were only von Ribbentrop and Goering. Maybe that’s why «aryan investigations» of them were very paradoxical and ended badly deteriorated to the aryan race — the death of tens of millions, and then the massive flooding of Europe representatives of non-white races. Well, a little nuance of DNA: Kaiser of the Second Reich and the «Russian» emperors since Peter III (and indeed all of Oldenburg and their branch — Golstein-Gottorp) — R1b, the Fuhrer of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler — E1b1b1 (ie, an Egyptian relic Negroids) and the «great helmsman» Dzhugashvili (Stalin) — G2 (relic Caucasian).

So, in search of the «aryan homeland» in the Reich an expedition to Tibet. According to the works of Madame Blavatsky, Roerich and views, one of the main mentors of Hitler Karl Haushofer (creator of «geopolitics»), namely, Tibet was an «aryan cradle». Expedition was looking for so-called «Shambala» — a mythical country inhabited by the sages who know «the secrets» from the «eternal life» and ending with the secrets of «absolute power». Of course, nothing was found. Do not see because there are not searched. Tibetan «gurus» actually turned out to be stupid cruel despots and nothing more. All the modern theory of the aryan race called the ancestral home of everything not just Tibet. Yes and no theories, it is clear — aryan in terms of mentality could never be formed in the mountains, especially in such difficult as Tibet. aryan — a resident of the conqueror and flat surfaces. Seas, plains, steppes, in extreme cases — forests. The mountains have always been for an aryan to the same than the high fence for a small child. The child is interested in that side of the fence, it is interesting to climb on it, but the fence as an object does not interest him. That the aryans and came up with climbing. Climb the highest mountain, look down from there and go down, then to go back to conquer new heights. But in the mountains do not linger. Since it is quite the same as a hundred times already proven fact: none of mountain people did not create a great state, and indeed nothing great is not created. Thus, the smaller kingdoms, principalities and polurazboynichi, or simply predatory alliances of tribes. Take any of the known empires. Which of them originated in the mountains?

In general, the Tibetan sages «millennial Reich» big miss. There were none wisdom or knowledge. All of these «occult research» curated structure we know as the SS. Made it known to Heinrich Himmler. It was the most organized system in the Reich, a much more organized than the Nazi Party, which by the mid-30s quickly turned into a bureaucratic office with bonze-Gauleiter. However, it was conceived as a temporary, all the power in the end had to go to the SS and the Reich itself become a «military-religious order», in «State SS» with the «religious center» in Wewelsburg. Himmler himself, like the whole top of the Reich, was a Catholic and not by chance that a model for his «Black Order», he took one of the Catholic orders. And what is the Order of the Catholics was the most powerful and organized? Right: the Jesuit Order. Who created it? Right: Ignatius of Loyola. But who was he by nationality? And he was an ethnic Basque. This was a very important value. In Reich believed that the Basques — the last of a race of Atlantis. Above we have discussed that, according to the occult and theosophical ideas, «red» or Atlantic race (or rather — «race of Atlantis») dominated the world before the arrival of the aryan and its «base» was Atlantis that disappeared thousands of years ago. It was believed that the Atlanteans reached great heights in science and culture, in particular, they could read and pass on the distance of thought, as well as the design aircraft. This race was lost because of civil war and an unprecedented earthquake. Only a small part of its representatives, who quickly lost almost all knowledge, who settled along the shores of the northern Atlantic Ocean. Part of their knowledge of the aryans adopted, in part — Indians of North America — the Aztecs and Mayans.

Iganty Loyola. Relic Basque.


Then Edouard Schure writes: «The Red Race, as we have said, held the continent, sank to the bottom of the ocean, called by Plato on Egyptian traditions — Atlantis. The great cataclysm of nature destroyed it and smashed to pieces. Several Polynesian races, as well as North American Indians and the Aztecs, whom Francisco Pizarro (Actually — Cortez, Pizarro conquered Peru, the Inca empire — MA de Budyon) met in Mexico, here are the remains of a red race, which had once civilization , had its days of glory and grandeur. All of these representatives of the deceased backward last bear in his soul an incurable melancholy of ancient races, dying with no hope for the future«.

Himmler believed that the «spiritual practice» that allegedly held Loyola, were inherited from their teachers vanished Atlantis. The whole «Atlantic» theory may be called delusional, unless of course, not to keep in mind that bind to the Basque language to another has not yet succeeded, but there is also a fact that could not know of any Theosophists or Occultists SS. If you look at the map of the density of haplogroup R1b, it just shows that its «epicenter» — the Atlantic Ocean, and that the frequency of its distribution decreases further from that ocean. In Basque, its frequency — the highest, 80%. Would know about the haplogroup in the Reich, the SS, the concept of «race of Atlantis» for sure there would have been declared scientifically proven. We, once again, do not explain all of the supporters with the «theory of haplogroups», in the sense that belonging to a particular haplogroup in itself explains nothing. But if you look at them from the perspective of statistical methods, to identify the correlative connection is very interesting. We show these connections. It turns out that the aryans came to Europe «rested» in the Atlantic Ocean and settled along it, eliminating as much as possible autochthonous «Atlantic» men «out of circulation». Or maybe just autochthons fled to other, less interesting for aryans areas, which is why areas with a clear dominance of R1b differ quite different degrees of «aryan» the local population. Compare for example Portugal and Holland.

Well, the «dessert» we note that the density distribution of haplogroup R1b in Western Europe «somehow» is almost identical to the density distribution of megalithic structures. This shows that even if we accept the concept of «race of Atlantis» for the faithful, it is seen that in the era of megaliths aryan component dominated, at least aryan patriarchy won relic matriarchy. And another small detail: the megaliths found even at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, near the Bahamas. In general, on the one hand we have the Greek of Plato with his story of Atlantis, supposedly heard from Egyptian priests, on the other — Aztec legend erecting his birthright to the word with the same root, well, finally the Nazis, who sought «a race of the Atlanteans» among the Basques.

Density distribution of haplogroup R1b. Clearly decreases from the Atlantic Ocean. One explanation — the carriers of this group migrated from Britain to the Iberian Peninsula to escape the ice.



Caucasian Knot

Another popular theory in the Third Reich was a «Caucasian». It was created and the Germans moved the theory of Caucasian origin of the aryan race. We will discuss this later, now just note that there is some evidence to the effect that taking one or another piece of the Caucasus during the Second World War, the Germans were given a local elite national passports of the Reich, that is automatically recognized them as «pure-blooded aryans». As it can be to believe, especially considering the well-established warm relations between Germans and Caucasian peoples, however, take into account the fact that the Germans had been there for long. Note also that from that moment will haunt the Wehrmacht continuous failures, up to Berlin. You can explain all the economic or military arguments, but anyway, in the heart of all — people. Hitler could easily capture that he wanted, that is the territory of the USSR through the Volga-Archangel. But not captured. It is possible therefore that he began «to issue passports» are not those who need it.

Let us remember that Adolf Hitler himself relic (E1b1b1) not only had an amazing love for relic mountain tribes, but also equips a residence Obersalzberg in the Alps on the border of Austria and Germany. It is true that the reservation that it was his subclade characteristic of «classic blacks», and for the peoples of the Middle East. From then he has such a haplogroup? Heavy Negro heritage? Maybe. But perhaps all is much simpler: Many researchers believe that the biography of Adolf his grandfather was a jew Frankenberg and Alois (Adolph’s father) was his illegitimate son. Here is the «Middle East footprint». Yes, and the strange name — Schicklgruber. Ah, would know about the haplogroup in the Reich, Hitler hardly would have liked a «genetic print». Information likely would have been immediately classified, all involved in the study were shot in full force, and the research itself is prohibited. And it is doubtful, have been able to «justify» haplogroup E hypothetical ancestor of the Negro who lived 15 thousand years ago? But the image of the «non-aryan grandfather Frankenberg», would be a much more realistic, especially since Adolf in narrow party and military circles called «Schicklgruber». Maybe that’s why Adolf headed «kulturkampf» in order to prevent the penetration of aryan environment inexperienced black and Jewish influence. He saw something that did not see the aryans. That’s a kind of «bridging the haplogroup».

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, in his «Gulag» shows that Stalin, or better said Dzhugashvili, betrayed all the peoples of the Soviet Union to come into contact with the Germans except Russian, Georgian and Jews. Though relatively Georgians had doubts exist. Well, the Jews, then everything is clear, the Jewish political instructor, cartographer, or translator from German, not surrendered only because he knew — in the best scenario, he will be sent to concentration camps. And what about the Georgians, we will let you know that about 30 000 fought them only in specially organized for them Wehrmacht units. For some number fought in conventional units. Much or too little? Given the total number of Georgians in 2 million — a lot. Despite the fact that in Georgia no germans were not there. That’s how amazing everything gets out — in Moscow at that time sat georgian Dzhugashvili and punitive charge of georgian Beria. Passionary relic peoples! By the way, Georgians in the 70-80s gave almost half of the “thieves-in-law», even though numerically represented less than 2% of the population of the USSR. At the same time remember that Hitler allowed the Russian General Vlasov formed the first division ROA only at the end of 1944, when the song was sung for a long time. The «Georgian Legion» was created immediately after the war began and ceased to exist only in May 1945. For the rest of the local people has been created «Caucasian Legion». And finally remember that the Georgians Shevardnadze served as Foreign Minister of USSR actively promoted the unification of the two Germanys in the conditions of the West and is one of the most popular German politicians of the former Soviet Union. Where he currently lives Shevardnadze? In Germany, of course! In Baden-Baden villa given to him at the cost of either 12, or $ 30 million. For a good man — no shame! Surely in today’s Germany remains a popular «Caucasian theory»?

Another interesting fact is that after the war was Dzhugashvili defiantly, «moving away» from the Georgians, calling themselves the «Russian», prohibiting the play itself in the Georgian film actors and articulate voice with a Georgian accent. Well, the portraits of him were attached to the aryan features.

Caucasian division of Wehrmacht.Summer of 1942.


But let us return to the North Caucasus. In late 1943, Dzhugashvili a show debriefing, so that almost all Caucasian peoples who were «under the Germans» were in full force loaded into boxcars and sent to Kazakhstan. Among them: the Chechens, Ingushes, Karachai and Balkarians. At the same time in the campaign were Crimean Tatars, Nogai and Kalmyk. Evidence as to whether the Kalmucks with the Crimean Tatars, the Germans purest aryans, I do not have, but you never know, you never know … They, too, the Germans have developed a very cordial relationship, those entrusted to them during the retreat of different things, such as cut any slavic village . Well, combat operations, such as cutting the sleepers soviets` soldiers during the offensive of Wehrmacht to Stalingrad. However, it is a fact that was assigned, there could be a personal initiative, they had their scores as the Soviet regime, and with the Russian general. In early 1945 the war came to the lands Reich, only the possibility of raising non-aryan peoples from a tovarishch Dzhugashvili were much broader than that of Hitler. By the way, the displaced people on the orders of Dzhugashvili fought in the Red Army, and indeed this is the army as we approach the end of the war became more and more non-white. Explanation — simple. From the western counties raked all that is possible, by the end began to row with the south and east.

These are the people among whom the Germans searched for «homeland of the white race» and came first in East Prussia, and then just in Germany. April 25, 1945, in the heart of the Reich on the Elbe there was a touching meeting on the Elbe. Among the soldiers headed Caucasian, the other «a descendant of Dutch immigrants».

Arriving at the «thousand-year Reich» they reserved the same as they were left with the Germans leaving the territory of the «red bolshevik horde». On this subject there is an entertaining article Elchin Gasanov «Caucasians in the Great Patriotic War». The author, judging by their name and surname, — Azerbaijani. It brought many letters of Caucasian men talk about their «exploits». I remember when that article came out, stood up against it a great howl, the main argument was that the Soviet military censors would never have missed a similar revelation. But people see little knowledge of Soviet censorship. She would not have missed the message if they abused Dzhugashvili, the Soviet government, and would talk about how to live well the Germans. And did not miss. Solzhenitsyn once again and sat for 12 years for having written a letter to something that was impossible to write. But given the letter — she willingly missed, especially since been replicated literally executed orders to «kill Germans», including «in the womb». «Breaking the haughty pride of the German people». A remnant people are very simple and primativeness. They understand everything literally, so, unlike those of the aryans, is watching the «bazaar». And now we have carved out «by zero» in the village in East Prussia and «raped two million German women», although this figure is certainly wrong — were all German women raped by starting with 5-6 years of age. And when the bump to descriptions of these «incidents», «victims» are almost always remember that the soldiers looked very un-European and spoke «incomprehensible guttural language».

Oh, and note that the Caucasians in 1945 came to Europe for yourself. With the «genetic» in terms of their vehicles brought back the most aryan haplogroup R1a, which in Caucasians — a rarity, but under the leadership of Caucasians. We can only guess, would have behaved like the other nations if Hitler had conquered the entire Caucasus. But guess what-might not be necessary.

Map of distribution of haplogroups among the Caucasian peoples. Interestingly a significant percentage of the «Jewish» haplogroup J, but what dominates in almost all cases, the relic para-haplogroup F. This confirms that Caucasian people are a mixture of all races, with a mixture of quite ancient.

From this map it is clear that the Caucasus — possibly the most complex ethnic site on the globe. Nowhere else in this small area is not concentrated so much of peoples and the peoples speaking totally different languages, with different racial type and practicing different religions. Perhaps this explains the psychological instability of local people and their «explosive nature». This also explains the dramatic change in demeanor when with a group of Caucasians belonging to one nation or people close to the number from three individuals.

Well, finally you can pull down the drain, the term «Indo-Germanic race». Haplogroups show that the highest Indian caste have much more kinship with the Slavs, than with the Germans.


The appearance of the relic

Determine the relic paleoeuropeans only haplogroup now clearly impossible to look at each case. For example Leo Tolstoy had haplogroup I1, but there was nothing relic. Here we need again to look at the man, though that may not be obvious relic of the «ideal» aryan haploid set. Therefore, for illustration, we will bring photos of modern Europeans have the relic, paleoeuropean features.

What is the general — «relic man»? It is someone who can have both aryan anthropological traits and characteristics that are impossible or very difficult to correlate with the characteristics inherent in other races. They are indigenous inhabitants of Europe racial type which can not be determined unambiguously. For example, a person may be a German with a long pedigree of German and at the same time to remind people of the Middle East, may be Romanian, but like the ancient Greeks and so on. Or, say, have blonde hair, fair skin, blue eyes, but completely non-aryan features. Or conversely, have perfect aryan features and still be a dark haired, and that the area in which he lives quite unusual. What the people of Europe are most similar to the original I-relic populations? Purely on statistics of the distribution of the haplogroups such people are Croats and Bosnians. The Croats, incidentally, are still on average the most massive nation on earth. That is, the average Croat weighs more than the average representative of any other nation. Another relic density rises in the highlands, as well as increases smoothly from northern Europe to the south and from east to west. On the «south» as if everything is clear, it continuously attacked the peoples of Africa and Asia. But the increase in concentration in the west is explained as follows: In Europe, not only warms as it moves south, but when approaching the Atlantic. This effect of the Gulf Stream. In these «warm edge» and has lived most paleoeuropeans and that’s where they (through the «common» women) «mixed» with the aryans. It is clear that among the holders of haplogroup R1b concentration of relic far more than among those who have R1a. For example the same as the Czech Republic or East Germany is much more aryan than France. Another relic many islands, which is also understandable: the island — is isolated habitats. Ireland, Britain, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Crete — reserves relic. Iceland — quite as aryan was settled only recently.

You can also note that the relic Caucasians are often much more closely resembles the reconstructed image of the Cro-Magnon man than the «classic» aryan, which in general is also clear — the Cro-Magnons had haplogroup I or IJ.


The cult of the relic

It is known that the Romans believed their teachers Etruscan relic, though the Etruscans all quite confusing, if only because they came to Italy in the first place to the north, and secondly — just before the Romans themselves. And already reached a very advanced! And really, what the Romans did not see — all of the Etruscans. Management system, togas and tunics, cobblestone roads and arches of buildings, gladiatorial games, burial customs, divination by the flight of birds and the entrails of sacrificial animals, chariot races, chronology of centuries, the system figures. The Etruscans doctors knew the anatomy and medicine and traded high not only among the Romans, and Greeks. For example, they could do even dentures. This does not prevent the Etruscans be quite easily absorbed by the Romans. The etruscans, like the later basques, picts, and other relics Hutsuls people remarkably quickly succumbed to the intellectual influence of the counter. For example, the same basques, who still retained their language and customs of the phenotype, easily converted to Christianity in the V-VI centuries and by the time of arrival of the Arabs were quite consistent Christians, while the purely aryan Slavs formally adopted it in the X and Lithuanians are already in the XIV century (this is according to official history, effectively «at once» no one took). That is a total conservative, was in these nations has its own weakness. On the one hand, they seem to look very experienced, much more experienced than the aryans, on the other hand, apparently there are some things which are above the level of their performances, there are things they can not understand. Neither the Romans nor the Anglo-Saxons were not engaged in genocide against the same Etruscan or Picts. However, these people easily abandoned and their language and their religion merged with the aryans. While the Indo-European peoples have always been told in the languages of the family. Although not be too demanding for the relic. If the most advanced Indo-often with no regrets throwing his Wotan, Zeus, Jupiter, Perun and Veles, then what you can bring the relic to the tribes?

An example of the Romans, the Celts as an example, shows how the aryans who came to Europe, took over in a kind of primordial experience of nations. But the Etruscans were smart, those myself, «champions of the relic», although there is the concept under which they themselves have learned from all of the aryans as came from the north. They were not wiser latins. Latins were just newcomers to the area and adopted prior knowledge. In the end, and white British Indians taught to cultivate tobacco and maize. Other relic mind is not always distinguished, which did not prevent them Arians have a strange attraction, and it was not a mere «passion for the exotic». Won American writers also began to romanticize Indians and heroes of, but only after the 30 millionth of an Indian population of North America by 1890, were pitiful few hundred thousand of which were driven into the desert and the Reserve, prohibiting out there under threat of execution in place. The Indians were «noble savages» only after it had ceased to exist. With the relic Europeans, and just a remnant tribes that surrounded the Indo-Europeans, things look somewhat different.

Take, for example, French literature, a book which they have read all the children — «The Three Musketeers» — this real anthem gasconians, that is, the french tasques. Dumas the elder (half-Basque) made d’Artagnan the protagonist of his most popular narrative, and if the release of the attention that this book is «about France», and for a moment aside from the scene, gascon d’Artagnan is quite in keeping with our Caucasians and Asians . See for yourself — in 18 years, he descends from the mountains to conquer Paris. He is aggressive, primitive and primative. He is ready to fight with everyone, regardless of status and rank. In Paris, he refers to the kunak his father — gasconian de Treville. Tribesman, as it can not reject the tuhum debt and arranges countryman patronage, and no where else but in the royal regiment of musketeers (in modern terms — in the presidential guard). D’Artagnan looks pretty wild and laughable parisian aristocracy, that it does not bother — the first day of stay in the capital, he rolls up just three duels, and clearing the apartment, he immediately begins to paw the owner’s wife and attempted to rape her. When the owner-suffering (and at the same time — an ardent patriot of France) monsieur Bonacieux stay for her to stand up, he just beat him and threatened to kill him. Does not that familiar pattern of behavior? But d’Artagnan considered as a positive hero and role model for so many! Where is the logic? Then d’Artagnan cleverly used in the British intrigues against the Duke of Richelieu, who defended the interests of France, but this fact is of little interest to us now. But in the end he became a general.

Or take Russia. The very first contact with the dense remnant non-aryan peoples of the North Caucasus has led to a total copying of the Caucasian fashion. All the Russian officers (and they were nobles without exception, that is, such as «elite») immediately began to copy the style of the wild mountaineers dressed in cloaks, hats, tunic, tunic and hoods. Many Russian writers, such as those that were in the Caucasus (Tolstoy, Lermontov, Pushkin), and those that were not there, were noted by writing stories and poems with explicit expression of sympathy for this region, the people that live there and their customs.

The last «Russian tsar» Nicholas II and his son — Alex. As we see, both dressed as Caucasians status at the time. Even though both — thoroughbred Germans.


Half-Russian, as such as ukrainian Taras, also noted in their bragging Caucasians. Is it worth it for them as a judge? I do not know. It is possible that life in Russia in the era of Nicholas I as to Count Tolstoy, and the serf Taras, the Caucasus was indeed a breath of fresh air. As said at the time a philosopher inn — «Life in Russia is very difficult, but fortunately short-lived».

However, with Taras as if everything is clear, his sympathies are predictable. Enough to read his poem, «The Caucasus».


Commemorative plaque to the protagonist of Chechnya Johar Dudaev on one of the houses in Poltava. Poems of Shevchenko. To some this may seem strange. But there is nothing strange here.

Taras looked at this quite well. Here is another famous writer — Gogol — has obvious features of primordial peoples who inhabited the once Ukrainian steppes, chose a different alignment. Roughly speaking, all his works can be divided into those that are written «about the russian» and those that are «about ukrainians». So, all the Russian in it — it’s just a collection of negative typecasting — rascals, scoundrels, miser, scoundrels, schemers, and just a feeble-minded tyrant. Take any book and read, read, read. Amazingly, Gogol was actually the most caressed Russian writer of his time, his adored Nicholas I, he (in contrast to the same Pushkin) was allowed to travel abroad, it is not exiled to the Caucasus as Lermontov did not give the army as Taras, and not sentenced to death as Dostoevsky.

Gogol`s painting changes dramatically when Ukraine is described. It’s all — purely positive. It’s all — smart, honest, heroes, though often primitive simplicity and distinguished. It’s all very well — the sky, nature, climate, and air. The most negative character — Andrew — from «Taras Bulba» does not cause such revulsion as the «Russian freaks» from the «Auditor», The Overcoat, «Dead Souls» or «Players». Yes, falling in love with Polish girl — so what? Not a relic Caucasian princess, as super-elite russian Griboyedov. And not in the negro as a great-grandmother of Pushkin. And not in the turkish woman as the father of Zhukovsky. Well bought it from his father-gentleman for two loaves black broad — Hey, this is cool! There he praised “polish honor» — fly for two secounds! Good Gogol, he knew that he was writing! In short, Andrew «traited» but not because «the original bad», but because of the woman. Satan tempted, but he could not resist! But he is not Jesus Christ to resist. And it is not the holy ascetic. Thus, conventional agriculture, cattle, though young. Actually, that’s all sins end. But then my father and soaked it, although strictly according to the ideas was to strangle. And then again there is one solid Ukrainian heroism. All die, but no one gives up and is not for sale. In contrast to the Russian nobility, even selling fake dead — his former slaves, white negroes.

Ukraine is indicative of yet another very interesting part. Well the writers, they can be engaged by people and biased. But folk art is not falcified! Look who is glorified in Ukrainian songs — all entirely «black-eyes», «black-browed» and «black hair». «Black eyes» of the «dark-haired maiden». Why? Indeed, in the Ukraine to meet a «purely black» is not so easy, most people have brown hair and gray or blue eyes. But sing just about the others! Obviously, such a part of the folklore is preserved relic representatives, it should be noted here that some of them do extremely well developed oral tradition. Even now. That is, they sang their related images in songs and save them, passing generations. Sing it is always about what you like. In the late XIX — early XX century, when the fashion for paganism and «ancient folklore», it was all written down on paper and filed as a «popular art». Here we have a typical folkloric image of the ‘Ukrainian’: dusky-haired thing-eyed. The image, as is clear, distorted. And maybe undistorted by looking which way you look and (a little tautology) looking for someone to watch.

But then all went to the Germans — more precisely, the Prussians, in which almost no relic individuals resided. As usual, they tried to do everything «in a scientific manner». At the end of the XVIII century professor of medicine and natural history of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach came to the stunning conclusion: that in the Caucasus, more precisely on its southern slopes, the white race is preserved in its purest form!

Here is his conclusion: «The Caucasian type — to study, I took this type, highland type of the Caucasus, because it produces the southern slope of the most beautiful race of men, under this race, I mean first of all Georgians. All physiological symptoms can be reduced to this. Thus, we must with great confidence that the Caucasus — the birthplace of humanity».

The Georgians — the most beautiful nation on earth (according to the German scientist Blumenbach). Photo taken from a Soviet textbook on anthropology.


It is hard to imagine what such an unnaturally beautiful creatures saw a german prussian in the Caucasus, but all those whom we call aryans, were they recorded in the «Caucasian race». The theory proved to be enduring. Now, for example, in America, all white Europeans in the racial identification as polls are “caucasian», that is, «Caucasians», and in Europe the term is in vogue, which introduces additional confusion. Europeans and Americans well — they are too far from the Caucasus. But the fact remains that white Prussian recorded their entire race in the «Caucasians», although it is unlikely a resident of Jena, give us something to look like a Georgian, Ossetian and Armenian. It’s funny, but some Russian ultra-right, 100% aryan types, serving a twenty-year sentence for the murder of Caucasian watermelon vendor, will be in the western «racemetry» classified as «Caucasian». And it is quite funny is the fact (somehow unnoticed Blumenbach) that Caucasian people «somehow» did not say in aryan languages. Distantly related Indo-European languages and is Armenian, but his foresight to allocate a separate group. Well, consider the Ossetian language, distantly akin to Persian. But what about the dozens of other nations?

Moreover, there is no single Caucasian family, and the most cutting-edge concepts languages of the Caucasus for the most part do not apply to the Nostratic and Sino-Caucasian to macrofamily — that is, their «relatives» (albeit long) — this is the Tibetan and Chinese and languages of native american indians in Canada. And the method of Blumenbach haplogroups version does not endorse, and rejects as absurd. By Haplogroups — it resides just some horrible relic explosive mixture. aryan haplogroups there are almost never met, that is, «Daddy-aryans» were not there, and on mitochondrial DNA — also «dull». In the Sino-Caucasian macrofamily «slapped» and the Basque language — it was necessary it somewhere slapped. True reservation, that the hypothesis itself macrofamily can not be considered strictly scientific, but the fact remains — the Basque language is similar in sound including the Chinese. And to complete the «Georgian issue», we note that the relic georgian Koba Dzhugashvili, in spite of everything, going to the pets of many Russian, despite the fact that in Georgia he going to dismantle the monument and the last say about their country as a «victim Stalin`s terror» and the «Soviet occupation». And remember, as depicted georgian in the Soviet films! Honest, open, principled, kind and funny. Such yourself, «shirt-boys». Joking, drink wine and chacha, eating barbecue. Speaking of shish-kebab. Have you noticed that this dish was the remnant tribes of the Caucasus is actually one of the most fashionable? Almost no trip «to the nature» or «to the dacha» is not without its preparation. But even 30 years ago was nothing like this.

The theme of admiration relic people is endless. Who wants to — he can find so many examples of anything. For example the Picts glorified in his works, Stevenson and Kipling. Those who have studied in the Soviet school, remembers a poem Marshak «Heather Honey». This — the ballad translation of Stevenson. They will explain how good relic Picts (depicted dwarfs) brewed a drink (at Stevenson — «Heather Ale»), and then they were attacked by the evil and the Scots decided to get the secret of its preparation. Senior «cook» fearing that the secret could give his son a cunning technique achieves that his son is killed. He, in turn dies, it never told.

Very popular are the people and gypsies. Call them relic is not entirely true, but many of them have obvious paleoeuropeoids features. Although they say in the languages of the aryan group, but among them a very high percentage of haplogroup H, which on the one hand shows the Indian, the other — non-aryan origin. Gypsy — is a collective image of freedom, a «steppe plus horse» that is, the landscape and the animal is very important in the aryan genetic memory. Gypsy — is always positive. Gypsy — a dance and song. Gypsy — is a fire near the river. Gypsy — is romantic wanderings and travels. That is almost all that is love aryans. Here in this «collective image» Roma entered the aryan literature, music and cinema.

In short, the collective image of «perfect» the relic of a European can be summarized as follows: fantastic tenacity, willingness to sacrifice everything, even the closest moderate audacity, loyalty to tradition, frequently — the deliberate seriousness (remnant people are actually «out of humor», with rare exceptions such as Georgians), simple, but often true judgments, personal devotion, obsession with the nation, ethnic group or family types. At the same time — a complete lack of breadth of thought, inability to become a genius, an inability to think abstractly, undeveloped idealism.

Note also the fashion for all the «Irish», though under the «Irish» in fact meant Celtic. Celtic R1b haplogroup with his first of the aryans came to Western Europe, which is why this group is there and now dominates. Geneticists call the exact arrival time — 5500 BC. Can not much risk to the conclusion that it was the Celts have the greatest experience with the relic, and they most of them adopted. And do not forget that the remnant tribes assimilated and become «the Celts» (ie, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English), by such people were the Picts, who «forgot» about his language in the tenth century, and perhaps later. That relic of a holiday Halloween has gone — it is celebrated on the night of October 31 November 1 — the date does not tied to the aryan calendar system. Subtract from it half a year and get the Walpurgis Night — from April 30 to May 1. Amateur relic hilltribe Adolf Hitler did not accidentally killed himself a few hours before it started, he knew these things and knew very well.

With the cult of «the Irish-Celtic» is connected and the cult of druids — Celtic priests. Created a whole layer of the literature where the druids ascribe everything — from building the pyramids of Egypt, before the discovery of America for 2500 years before Columbus. And it is possession of «all the secrets».

Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) — drummer of «The Beatles». Relic englishman.


Along with the fashion for Helloween, which was originally hyped Irish in the U.S., there has been the fashion for Irish and Scottish bagpipes, Irish pubs, the unit parades on «St. Patrick’s Day», and of the Irish in general, such currently «ordinary guys» who can «drink and fight. » I am here for no apparent reason has always been for «Irish» and «for the Scots», even when the general was a complete zero in the national political issues. I remember when I was in the ten years that angered Thatcher (100% aryan) chose to starve to death in prison militant IRA, but do not give them the status of political prisoners, and indeed any IRA trick I’ve seen with joy. And remember the cult in some quarters, the film «Braveheart» directed by Mel Gibson, an Irishman. He also played the title role of William Wallace, a Scotsman, who has devoted himself against the English under King Edward leggy.

Mel Gibson. Irishman. Made a film about bad Englishmen who kill good Scotch. Englishman Stevenson, recall, wrote a poem about how the bad Scots killed the good Picts.


And I was always behind the Basques, for this reason hated Franco Baamonde — he wanted them to assimilate, banned the Basque language. It is significant that the dwarf communists opposed which led relic baskonian woman Ibarurri Dolores, received the nickname «Pasionaria». Such «passionary» nickname she has received for being gnawed (teeth) to his political opponent’s throat. Her son — Ruben — became a hero of the Soviet Union, only to war with the Spanish «Blue Division» he had no chance, he came under Stalingrad. You can remember the national hero of the Latin American basque Simon Bolivar, after whom is named a whole country — Bolivia. Apparently it has acted relic genetic memory, and he enthusiastically cleared the continent from the Spanish colonial authorities. I also like the basque hockey player Valery Kharlamov.

In conclusion, we draw attention to this important aspect of the solidarity of the peoples of relic, conscious and unconscious, and expressed even in the details. For example, such as shooting Irish film «about the brave Scots» who throw themselves into the suicide attacks in between the serial display of ass. About how everything actually polls relic ukrainians supported the chechens during the wars of 1994-96. and 1999-2003 and georgians in the war with Russia of 2008, I generally keep quiet — the facts are too fresh to forget them. And it took very strange shapes, like renaming Lermontov streets in the center of Lemberg (which celebrated the Caucasus and cursed «land of slaves» — «unwashed Russia») in the street Dudayev. Lermontov — an interesting «trick» by the way. By nationality — Scotsman. As argued in his book «The Scots in the service of the Russian Tsars» Ian Anderson, Lermontov himself, «not only knew about his Scottish roots, but also felt sympathy for the inner land of their ancestors». So he wrote poems about the «Scots-Caucasians».

Let’s look in a book by Sergei Plachinde «Lebedia» where he writes directly to the ancestors of the Ukrainians without exception all relic European and Caucasian tribes, on the one hand it seems nonsense, on the other hand, in general, some do not, however, there need to make a correction: depending on what is meant by «ukrainians».

«But not all sarmatians returned to the Oriana beat the scythians, the two groups settled in the North Caucasus, of which time there were two minor powers — Chechnya and Alanya. That is why even recently, Chechen women in arms fought for their independence, were to death in a battle with the invaders Moscow — they are proud Chechens, the direct successor to the ancient ukrainian tribes who were united under the title «Sarmatia». (P. 105).

Plachinda, incidentally, is the holder of an honorary badge «For his scientific achievements», which he presented the «team of the Research Institute of Ukrainian Studies» (there is such a company!) Under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (!!!). Here’s how! You funny? Me too, but here, as he taught us, Albert Einstein, everything is relative, it is important which way you look. Following the logic of primordial nations — all very natural. Relic compose beautiful and interesting legends. To himself.

With Plachindoy would agree is probably the most famous modern Chechen writer Denis Baksan. In his high-profile study, “The footprints of Satan on hidden roads of History» he wrote in particular: «Asgard Nazis — it’s anti-Israel. The Nazis saw the ramparts of the legendary stronghold of aces in the Caucasus, where preserved in the purity of blood, the ancient aryan blood, strength, courage and freedom. Two highest peaks of the Caucasus — Elbrus and Kazbek — were declared sacred mountains of the aryans, those beacons that indicate the path of the aryans in their ancient land of origin. Return to the sacred land of the Caucasus was the greatest act of the Germans for the symbolic meaning, and the Chechens were regarded as the guardians not only of this holy land, but also supports the primeval aryan blood … Could Stalin and Beria, insulted in his «national sentiments» and knowing that the religious significance, the Nazis gave the Caucasus, to forgive Vainakhs that they were the only people that Hitler was entirely ranked by the aryans? Of course not». Well, a lot more then in a similar style. What exactly is the truth — is the «ritual» planting the flag on Mount Elbrus with a swastika. Well, as a striking coincidence (probably accidentally), which together with the breakthrough to the «sacred Elbrus» Hitler rushed to their homeland — in Egypt and Palestine. There once lived his «first father». That is one side of the mountain (I wonder what haplogroup was Klara Pölzl, because Hitler was «fixated» on the mother), on the other — in the desert. So when something came to Europe his ancestors came from the desert and passed over the mountains. With Elbrus happened, though not for long, but with their historical homeland — no. Rommel fled when, as it seemed, the victory was already in his hands. Hitler he does not forgive him this, as we see personal ‘blood’ grievances, and two years after this legendary field marshal forced to commit suicide.

Regarding the reaction of the Ukrainian nationalists on self-proclaimed Albanian Kosovo can not say anything, the question is somewhat involved, there seems to have split opinion (on the one hand you have to be like for the Albanians, they are «closer» on the other — you can get into the same situation as serbs Kosovo, for example with the Crimea and the Tatars), while fellow Albanians relic — the Basques and Corsicans welcomed him very much even though the world has a lot of other self-proclaimed states to which they have no interest. Why not? And because the «voice of blood» is missing.


Subtle differences in psychology …

Thus, the main features of the psychology of the original R-aryans and I-paleoeuropeans were:

a) Sense of «homeland»

Note: until the beginning of colonial conquest in the XVI century that still moved with the aryan people and the psychology of the country with the absolute dominance of the aryan haplogroup R1b, haplogroups I were the owners in Europe and do not move. By this time the R-aryans already walked almost the whole of Eurasia, settled in India, Iran, western China, the Urals, the Volga region, partly in the Caucasus (Armenia), Central Asia and even Africa. That is, an aryan «incarcerated» to confront the elements alive simply seized the land from other people and it is almost always worked. And not just captured, and there became the local elite. With the «biology» in aryan was always bad, because they are rapidly mixed with the native tribes, but all the higher layers of the designated sites aryan invasions are almost always lighter than the general population. That is, if there is an aryan homeland (which, incidentally, not a fact), then it is the whole world. aryan can fight for a particular land, but no more than for his property which is a pity to lose, rather than for something to which he was «bound forever». And, I think, if established now sending people to other planets where conditions would be for life, the aryans were driven back to the first spit on «this planet» and in his formal «home», and if there is normally settled, then almost 100% probability of not even thinking about a return to Earth. It is also significant that the people with the psychology of the aryan hordes of little concern of Africans or Asians tumble in their country, because the concept of «country» for it is not absolute, once in «this country» sunk themselves aryans. And not only in quality of life. aryan instinctively feels that he is still stronger, and if need be he would have desired his mind. With this in complete agreement that the level of nationalism and racism higher where a higher percentage of background elements. The average relic always more nationalist, more racist and more extremist than the aryan. At the same time, find a racist, among the «blond beast» character types which we can find posters of the Third Reich rather difficult.

b) Feeling of danger

Because there is no genetic memory of the aryan of a «fatal destruction», he seems to be afraid of nothing. All his fears in his own view of a temporary nature. And the more he is not afraid of people. I know from personal experience and the stories of many of those who spoke and who saw how easily the most pure-blooded aryans are introduced and included in the company of colors. Relic in this respect is much more selective, they are basically the same as themselves or pure aryans. That is, in places where they live different antrotipy almost impossible to find a certain company, consisting of one Aricia, it will always be at least one strange creature, and the funny thing that the creature may be the principal! I once watched one company healthy Slavic goons (14-16 years) whose leader was a rather strange subject — he had a huge head published by defective speech, the body about how the average person his age and very small hands and feet, as in the child. In fact, he «was» out of body and head. Bedbug. And he enjoyed a well-known goons authority could, for example, to send any to buy cigarettes or booze. The dominant freak. The most famous example of this was Dr Goebbels. Yes, and Lenin and Stalin are not far removed.

This model is known and widely implemented in American films, look more and more «brain cents» or just the head is black, and this black man is always a set of virtues — he does not drink or smoke, do not say bad words, great athlete and family man. Well, and «builds» to the extent possible under him lazy whites who drink, use drugs and only dream of doing nothing. That is very common aryan gives his mind to anyone, as it seems, is a clever, given that the average aryan with the average data has the ability to sort things out. Neariets seems aryans «smart» or «correct», but only because neariets always more experienced, as more than the old one. aryans, and if something is missing, so it’s a collective experience of race. That is why there are eternal returns and aryans have to start all over again.

c) The degree of openness of the system

aryans — the most open system, which can easily enter anyone. Negro, Chinese, Indian or a Jew can safely enter into the aryan environment. And try to enter the Negro? Or in the Gypsy. In aryan worse than anyone else developed gradation «friend or foe». This leads to the so-called «aryan paradox’’, when even in a system where there are mass colored or relic an enemy of aryan is most likely to be not one of them, and the other aryan. That is why the aryans can not «just» to resist the organized color systems. In color — each for each, the aryans — every man for himself. aryans may hate the specific color, but they do not understand (though it seems strange) that he is opposed not just «a lot of color», and other beings, other creatures of the system. Faced with a color as a separate entity and not as part of a color system, aryan will almost always refer to him as it relates to the aryans, and if the color and still consider themselves a religion or to the same people that success here that is, guaranteed. Any relic or just a non-aryan system is open to less and get into it much more difficult than the aryan.

g) The forms of fear

aryan may have a biological fear, but it is always temporary and is not that fear of paleoeuropean. Since the aryan sure that he is the strongest, he believes that if he personally stopped the fight with an opponent who is lying on the ground mixed with dirt, the fight over and over forever, and his victory is assured in perpetuity. In the sense of aryan strength lies its inability to reduce it to the end. Do not aryan ultimate goals, and therefore can not be the final task. Paleoeuropean understood that even very weak right now might be strong tomorrow and those who are strong — may weaken. With this fully agrees that all ideas of «equality of races and peoples», «global tolerance» to everything, even the fact that you kill, it moved the rich and successful thoroughbred aryans. Relic on the contrary, have shown themselves able to carry out ethnic cleansing, even in our ‘tolerant age «remember the 20 years lasting war in former Yugoslavia, where a relic element of the majority, and is the dominant haplogroup I2. We may recall the sweep of the Poles in Galicia relic «ukrainian» element in 1943.

Well, the fact — the descendants of relic paleoeuropeans, as well as those in whom the Negro flows, Turkic or Middle Eastern blood, even now, in an era when almost all of missing, try to protest against the existing order, realizing that he could end up fatal defeat. Recall the «maritime partisans» in the Far East who opposed the secret police terror and corrupt regime, «the Kremlin dwarfs». There were four, three — the relic. Also, in three patients (including one nereliktovogo) were clearly Ukrainian surnames that already figure. Against them was thrown from a thousand to fifteen hundred «cops». When one television program and decided to conduct a survey to find out what percentage of «vegetables» (read — the ordinary people) support them, the figure was indecently high — 80%.

Far East partisans. All except Andrew Suhorady (second from right) — Explicit relics. Suhorada not a relic, but with a Ukrainian name, which is significant. Generally, the places where these people lived in the early twentieth century, Stolypin massively resettled Ukrainian peasants. Not surprisingly, the «exploded» and that is where exploded.


That is, even «vegetables» are understood. It is interesting that after the video appeared on the web where the partisans talk about their work they were attacked critics of the shaft with a «national concern» and «Orthodox-alcoholic» circles, as well as «very correct racist» because of the fact that they conveyed greetings «caucasians». Almost all of this is explained by purely political solidarity, but solidarity is possible here and paleopsihologicheskaya about it, of course, no one spoke. Granted, the Ukrainians and the relic before polls were on the side of the same Chechens who fought in Russia.

Or take Germany. Who recently spoke out against the invasion of non-ferrous? Thilo Sarrazin — a member of the board of directors of the German Federal Bank. The name «Sarrazin» tells us that his ancestors were the Saracens, and in appearance it combines the features of the relic and resident of the Middle East. In fact, he spoke out against his former countrymen, as well know what we should expect a pure aryan German «rabbit» in the very near future. Who better than the Saracen Sarrazin did not know? Or do you think that the average «Hans» knows anything about the Austro-Turkish wars? At present something completely degraded German education? A Sarrazin know. And not just about war.

Saracens Thilo Sarrazin. Stated that the integration of color in an aryan German society is impossible. In particular, he said: «Integration is the problem of who is integrated. I do not have to tolerate someone who did this does not. I am not obliged to tolerate someone who lives at the expense of the state, denied that the state does not care about the education of their children and constantly brings forth young «girls-in-kerchiefs. ‘» All! There is no «racism» no «chauvinism». Why do not they said some white blond beast on «Audi»?


But as it responded to the aryans from the bank? It is quite predictable — they decided to throw him from his job, so far it is not possible, all confined to the restriction of powers. Finally, it should solve the «court». What are the modern Western «courts» to tell, I think it is not necessary.

Who else can remember? Dutch right-wing leader Pim Fortuyn. Half-relic. He was killed. Austrian right-wing leader Joerg Haider. Explicit relic. He was killed.

Pim Fortuyn. Relic Dutchman. Killed by a full-blooded Aryan van der Graaff Folkertom. At the trial, Van der Graaf said: «I was defending Islam!» In 2004, during a television vote Fortuyn was elected as «the greatest of all time Netherlanders», ahead of the founder of the independent Netherlands William I of Orange, as well as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, although the later vote were recalculated and the «clear» that William of Orange still «somewhat ahead» Fortuyn. As they say, no matter how you vote, it is important — how we count.

Joerg Haider. Relic Austrian. He was killed. More precisely — «died in autocrash.» The official reason: «Blood was found in the dose of alcohol at 4 times the permissible.»


e) Responding to an alien invasion

Paleoeuropeans (I) lived in his «european house» in harmony with nature, not considering himself a kingdom and its owners, but an organic part. The idea that man — the master of nature and can dispose of it on your own — purely aryan, and now nature is striking back. She suffered for a long time, but now hurts. For whom — I think to have to explain. Be the master of nature is good, if a clear understanding of its laws, but we are not yet fully know. The only thing we can rely, it is the experience of their ancestors. But aryan, he is not interested. See for yourself: all traditional societies in Europe — it’s usually the ones where many relics. On the contrary, «most ultra-advanced country» in terms of gay marriage, juvenile justice, feminism, preferences for color — those with the highest percentage of aryan types. There is a subconscious belief that the aryan himself in front of nature. So once again we recall that fascism began in Italy, full of relics, Nazism — in Bavaria (the same), and in the zone of influence «fascist-Nazi axis» were Austria, Hungary (hungarian came from the Urals and Western Siberia), Croatia, Romania, the country is dominated by the relics, the country where the highest percentage of them. This is not surprising. After all, what is fascism and Nazism? This is an extreme reaction to the country to danger. The reaction of the immune system. That relics and reacted.

Reaction to an alien relic element effect due to the understanding that he can play in general. Relic knows the aryan, because they lived 7000 years together and have a common blood, and understands that aryan is not omnipotent. Relic, especially haplogroup I2, who lived in southern Europe, remember that their land not only came the aryans, but also African and Middle Eastern elements. It is clear that due to certain circumstances and with mixed aryans and I-paleoeuropeans. In thought and aryan and paleoeuropean, black became forever tied to the death, and various «evil fairy» was represented by dark or black, with features characteristic of African and Asian nations.


Relic`s terrorism

Note one more thing. Although we formally consider themselves to one or another nation, but in reality in every nation, especially in that was built recently and as a political nation may be very different representatives of types is not similar to each other. They can speak the same language and go to one church, to vote for the same party, but do not really have anything in common. That is why the color of white countries can gain and gain real allies. I do not speak for those who are pure aryan type, and their relationship with the color scheme we have already considered. But now, for example, a lot of talk about Islamic terrorism. Of course, in the same Palestine or Iraq, he Arabic. In Kurdistan — Kurdish. But it may well be that in white countries, it will be quite a «Slavic» or «British». Already, the formal representatives of the European people convert to Islam. While this process is character piece, but here mass and is not necessary. In Christianity, too, at first isolated parties passed. At the first stage, the principal, not quantity, and efficiency. Break in the product, put on stream. For example, after the recent terrorist attacks originating in Domodedovo Airport bomber-a Muslim, the FSB has distributed information that has carried out a terrorist training Vitaly Razdobudko. Which is not too Caucasian and «Islamic» name, is not it? Found a photo, so it is — Ukrainian relic, and judging by the fact that converted to Islam, so also may the prevailing Near Eastern genetic memory. Not surprising. It’s not even a betrayal. This is — a return to roots, the call of the ancestors. A neophyte always very fanatical, so that those who do not understand what was happening, waiting for a lot of surprises.

Well, remember that almost all «national» terrorists in Europe of the second half of the twentieth century were the relics. Western Ukrainian (Galician) Terrorism in Poland in the 30s, Basque, Corsican, Irish terrorism — «bases» have always been a remnant regions. We can remember the Armenian terrorism, Armenian, by the way, first blew the Moscow metro in 1977, when about terror in the Soviet Union in general have not heard, and Moscow has been considered one of the safest cities in the world. There may, however, and argue that terrorism is not only a national or religious connotation, as were the «Red Brigades» in Italy and the «Rote Armee faction» in West Germany. They were. In Italy, everything is clear, the «Red Brigades» were almost alone relics. Germany, too far away — the founder of the «Red Army» — Andreas Baader — unadulterated relic, did not like the «classic» image of the German people who remember the Soviet towns and villages in 1941-44.

Andreas Baader — founder of the «Rote Armee fraction». His organization was fighting against the American occupation of West Germany. Looks like he on the type of German who represented the Third Reich?



«Faustian» and «Apollonian» man

Now consider the psychology of the «pure» aryan, and ‘pure’ paleoeuropean in the «cultural context».

In principle, the existence of «two white races within the same» people guessed before. And the same Nietzsche and Spengler. With regard to Spengler, the ignorance of the fact that regular in almost every white in varying proportions as the original aryan lives, and the original paleoeuropean led him to the separation of the aryans into two types — the «Faustian» and «Apollonian». In fact, all that says about Spengler outlook of these two types can be fully compare the psychology of the original carriers of R and I groups.

So — «Faustian man». This is the «original aryan». Here is what Spengler writes of him: «Faustian man eyes his whole world is presented as a combined motion for a purpose. He himself lives in these conditions. To live means to him to fight and overcome, to achieve …. Overcoming resistance is, by contrast, a typical stimulus western soul. Activity, determination, self-affirmation … Christianity does not remake the Faustian man, and he remade Christianity, and this not only a new religion, but also in the direction of the new morality «.

Spengler gives similar features Westerners in general, then believes that the most complete form can be found in the Germanic peoples. We note, as he describes the interaction of the Faustian man with the religion. Yes, the «Faustian Man» remade Christianity for themselves, as much as possible. But first he took it. That’s the point. Adopted the doctrine arose in the Middle East deserts with completely alien peoples. So much for the defeat. And from whom? And when? When Rome had already created value that we still use today. The question is, did the aryans could not think of anything better? Why are they listening to what they hang on their ears and deviant fools with the Middle East? Exotica wanted? But the fact remains. In fact the whole history of Christianity is, oddly enough, an attempt to minimize its effects, although this process was not linear. And here is dominated by the aryans. Sam Spengler believes that the triumph of the «Faustian spirit ‘began in the X century, but this just took place Pax Germana. Huss, Wycliffe, and finally, Luther — saxon from Wittenberg. And then Calvin and Zwingli. Everything — the aryans. It is curious that Spengler has excluded from its gradation of the Slavs, but Russia is «minimization of the consequences of» over massive explosion of dynamite cathedrals, the massacre of priests and monks and arrangement of the surviving buildings, warehouses, stables, cinema, planetarium shows, gyms colonies for criminals and degenerates psihbolnyh. Now look at the purely aryan american protestant sects. Such a concourse of people myself who have a nice house, expensive cars and a few decent status. The extent of their approach to God is determined by the order amount in your bank account. Do you have what amount? Five-valued? And I have — six-digit, so I order closer. Funny? Could be. But this is the real aryan Christianity. That is why the superpower — America and not a «true-Orthodox Greece» or «Holy Russia» together with awesome-Catholic Spain. They’ve got even the «entourage» is not, as the Catholics and Orthodox Christians. That is, as an aryan would win, even after 1,900 years, but in complex systems all the processes are irreversible. Christianity aside imprint. At all. And it’s also a fact. And the printout is clearly visible even to those who believe that has nothing to do with the religion.

«Apollonian» a person obstinately Spengler did not want to notice in his time, which is also understandable: «Faustian spirit», even though the first war and the revolution was still dominating. He attributed his dominance to the ancient era. According to him, apollonian man looked at his soul as a part of the world order, as arranged by a group formed in undivided shares space. We do not know all bonds and all laws, but we can assume that if the earth would live only representatives of the I-haplogroup, the Paradise on it would have been built long ago, especially since it is simple really. It is not excluded that even brought a breed of predators that do not attack people. It’s as if there is a state which sought to paleoeuropean. Look at all the Roman and Greek legends — a paradise, the Golden Age, belongs to the era when paleoeuropeans dominated, if not biologically, then at least mentally. Describes the life and during this period, it appears that while there were no slaves nor masters, they lived a long time, fed and happy. The Roman Saturnalia — were «gifts» in those days, a favorite holiday for the people! To celebrate the establishment of Christianity, that is up to 300-400 AD However, and here the aryans «minimize impact»: instead of Saturnalia in those same days, began to celebrate Christmas — the birth of a Man who (in theory) should establish a «Golden Age» after his next of his coming. Decorations were taken almost entirely — gifts, masks, carnival. A little later, the German pagans accepted Christianity added the popular element — the Christmas tree. In such a form that’s turned «birthday» one of the Hebrew prophets were born in Palestine. Is there in this festival something «Jewish» and «desert»?


World War II from the perspective of haplogroups

In 1949, Ivan Solonevich wrote that the day will come when in 1914 will be perceived as a year of exile from paradise. Now we can declare with all responsibility: this day has come. Of course, the causes of the First War a lot to say, about a ton of written literature, but now we turn our attention to haplogroup aspect of the problem. So, the war waged: King George V (R1b) ‘Russian» Tsar Nicholas II (R1b), the Austrian Franz Joseph II (R1b), the German Kaiser Wilhelm II (R1b), Romanian Ferdinand I (R1b), U.S. President Woodrow Wilson (R1b). Haplogroup French Premier Poincare specified. This war ended with the extermination of millions of media R1b and R1a, it can be seen from the statistics analysis of losses by country. Well, let us recall that in 1914 the world was controlled by those who had the R1b.

In the Second War of R1a and R1b suffered the loss of tens of millions (30-40 million), but now the leaders of the nations participating were relic mountain tyrolese Adolf (E1b1b1) and relict mountain caucasian Koba Dzugashvili-Stalin (G2a). And if Koba was generally do not care about the loss as such, Adolf ordered the destruction of german infrastructure only after it became clear that there is no even theoretical chances to end this war except as a complete defeat and surrender. Of course, such losses could not go in vain and now, as predicted by an experienced relic Adolphe, colored races are taking revenge for the full program. Historians as a time agreed that the second war was virtually inevitable continuation of the first, it is obvious that some kind of «blame» for the demise of the aryan race have monarchs c Y-DNA R1b. Is this accidental? Probably unlikely to spend the harsh logic chain, but it is possible that the actual mass mutual destruction of Representatives R1a and R1b had a kind of «program» which went to members of R1b from the European periphery ousted autochthonous group I. This itself, a relic of self-destruction program enemies. How is it transmitted? Women who took over have come to Europe 7,500 years ago native R1b. Another way, I do not see. It is noteworthy that countries with high I suffered minimal losses, if at all have done without loss. Swedes (44%) remained neutral, Denmark (35%), Norway (37%), Croatia (51%), Czech Republic (39%) escaped with minor injuries.

It will all end, we do not know. But the trend is clear: Europe gets exactly the traits that characterized it in the days when there undivided sway Group I, first of all, I am referring to things related to the feminization and its consequences. Then feminism and matriarchy I ended the invasion of aryans from R1b to their absolute patriarchy. Now replace the aryan Arabs, Caucasians and other Asians. They also have an absolute patriarchy. If such a disposition to continue — Europe does not have any chance at all.

Summarizing all the above, we can conclude that in order to fully understand the processes of European, and indeed the processes going inside the white race at the psychological level, and this level determines all other levels, we need to be clear about the psychology of paleoeuropeans. Not the one who now has the I1 or I2, but those who had prior to the arrival of the aryans, the modern European — a synthesis of aryan and paleoeuropean psychology and attitudes. How this is done — the question, but it seems to me, it is in principle solve.


The dominance of haplogroup

In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America to Europeans, even though he was sure that he had discovered India. However, India will open in six years, Vasco da Gama, and even twenty years later, Ferdinand Magellan made his first tour around the world. For the europeans, these findings are comparable in scale with the discovery of the planet on which attainable not only could live, but the very conditions of life would be much better than in their homeland. Note that and Bartolomeo Diaz, and Columbus and Magellan, and Vasco da Gama and Amerigo Vespucci, came from the regions where the vast majority of the male population belongs to the R1b. Not surprisingly, the Western Europeans, and this 80-90% R1b and I, poured into America expanded by ten times. The outcome of this process was the creation of the United States — the only real superpower ever existed on earth. Country in which, among other things, are the best laboratories to determine haplogroups. In smaller quantities they migrated to Africa, India and some countries in Southeast Asia. In the XIX century, they settled in Australia and New Zealand. At the same time, Russian explorers (R1a) broke way from the Volga to the Alaska and California and met at shore of the Pacific Ocean those who once crossed the Atlantic Ocean. From the small principality of Moscow Russia has become the biggest country on the globe, covering a half of Poland, all the East European Plain, Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Siberia. In short, the time from 1492 to about the end of the twentieth century can be unreservedly called the time of haplogroup R1b total domination, and to a lesser extent, R1a.

But now go the reverse process. The Soviet Union collapsed, Russian (50% R1a, 25% I) expelled from the Caucasus and Central Asia. Now they leave the Far East. Even before the Europeans were expelled from Africa, India and Indochina. In Africa, they have long held in the south — to South Africa, Rhodesia and Namibia, but their defeat was a matter of time and it took place. Area that is severely narrowed with further sharp decline.

Who’s coming and may come to replace them? Firstly there is one and a half billion people (Y-haplogroup O) that already have their diaspora around the world. Their biological reserve is impressive. All the more so because of China’s policy of «one family — one child» parents prefer them to have a son and daughters of trying to get rid of all possible ways. In addition, if the Chinese and «indochinesian» people of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. They also dominated by haplogroup D.

Secondly there are the Arabs and other Islamic nations of Africa and the Middle East, and they now constitute the main stream of migrants to Europe, causing a growing dissatisfaction with the Europeans. But, as we have shown, this discontent has no real impact in terms of «biology» to Europe for the migrants — the ideal environment for life and dominance in the future. They look like children who climb into a rich, glamorous nursing home, and just such a house is now Europe. And all these «ban minarets» bans «hijab» and «tolerance training» — do not give. Do not give because of biology in no way connected. So we see a tendency to expand the range of dominance of haplogroups J and E.

And what about America? Do repulse american indians (Q) it back? It is difficult to say because it is not clear how many of these same Indians there. It is clear that we are not interested in the official data, we wonder how many Indians on the psychology of genetic memory. So anything is possible. For example, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has openly positioned itself as an american indian, and invites to celebrate October 12 (day of the landing of Columbus on San Salvador Island) as a day of mourning.

But America is inhabited by descendants of Europeans, not only ousted them and the Indians. Blacks were brought back for centuries in Africa and among them are now dominated by haplogroup E. Dominates. But! One-third of U.S. blacks, or as they call them, African American, has European haplogroups. Apparently the body of black slaves were valued at white masters even in the era of slavery. But white women were also not averse to have fun with black. Few people know that U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, a thoroughbred WASP, where negros and whites were fully equal rights, had negro E1b1b haplogroup. That is, once his «grandmother» slept with a black man. And now in the United States first African American president — Barack Obama — his father is from Kenya’s Luo tribe. And there is almost without exception men E1b1b. And of course, voted for Obama vaspy, if only the black vote, he would never have won. Earlier we discussed that the owner of this haplogroup was Adolf Hitler. He loved the mountain people, but hated blacks and Jews. What ended his reign? And those Jews created the state of Israel, and negros in Africa dropped colonial regimes, that is, simply speaking, kicked whites. And he fought Hitler did not even Negroes. For whites, «the era of Adolf» over the death of tens of millions. As he said himself: «After the war, Europe will only inferior beings. All the best to be killed. » We do not know how much a person acting genetically incorporated the program, genetic memory. But you never know, Hitler wanted to be one, but it turned out that was bound to happen? After the war, Hitler wanted to build a monument to the Uganda`s cannibal Idi Amin. The area is dominated by his tribe as a group E1b1b.

Now again remember that speaking occultists to the white-dominated world blacks (negros), and before the red (the american indians), and then will be dominated by yellow (read — Chinese). Who knows, maybe now we are repeating this story, only in reverse order? China is already the de facto — «factory of the world.» Following are Japan and Korea. And in the end the world once again will be split four root races. Red will be sitting in America, Black returned to Africa to take the whole of Asia Yellow. White, to make the next round of «eternal return» shrink to a small habitat to re-start the expansion. Or invent something that we can not even imagine, and leave the planet forever. Although this will be a defeat. Prospects for relic Europeans here at all vague.


The reconstructed Kohen`s descendants

During the past 100-150 years has become real much of what was considered legendary. About the excavated city of Troy and other Greek and Cretan city is purely mythological know everything. The mention of the «Vedas» northern homeland of the aryans also got its genetic evidence. With Atlantis and «Atlanta» as long as dull, but I think here we also expect sensational discoveries. And what about the Bible? Israel restored as a state, and biblical Hebrew as a spoken language. And what about the biblical patriarchs and prophets? Of course, this has been tested and question. Especially in the Bible that clearly carried the Jews from Abraham’s lineage. Who read the book knows that his first son was Ishmael, and he considered the ancestor of the Arabs. The second — Isaac — the Jewish race, he continued. Son Isaac, Jacob had 12 sons by four women — two wives and two concubines. That is, the Jews of the Bible — are the three patriarchs and four matriarchs. But this is not enough for research. It is clear that haplogroup or subclade is from some one parent. There is nothing to prove. But!

There was another clue, more accurate. When Moses, who, according to Freud, an Egyptian priest, led the Jews out of Egypt, he created the priestly tribe, appointing his brother, Aaron the High Priest. The Bible says that Moses was of the tribe of Levi, that is a descendant of one of the sons of Jacob, the grandson of Abraham. On the precepts of Moses, the high priesthood was passed strictly from father to son, that is just on the Y-haplogroup. These descendants of Aaron, referred to as «Kohen». That started to check people with the surname Kohn, Kuhn, Kogan, Kagan, Cohen, that is, those whose last name might indicate it belongs to the Cohen. And the result was positive.

It was found that most of Cohen, both Sephardim and Ashkenazim refers to two lines. First — to haplogroup J1 (the dominant subclade J1c3) and their common ancestor lived about 3100 ± 1090 years ago. Second — to haplogroup J2a (also Middle East, but more common north of Arabia) in the common ancestor of 4200 ± 1300 years ago.

The most important thing is that both of these lines have non-Jews almost never occur. Now open the Old Testament and a simple calculation we calculate that Aaron lived around 1300-1200 BC, ie, 3200-3300 years ago. Abraham lived in Canaan (ie «in the north of Arabia»), about 4000-4100 BC That is, in general, everything converges.

To sum up. According to popular opinion in Jewish circles, the Third Temple will be built at the same place on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where previously there were two other temples and the time of its construction to coincide with the arrival of the messiah, or vice versa, will precede him. Israel was created, restored Hebrew, Jerusalem recaptured from the Arabs, and now and the opening of haplogroups arrived — you can now restore the priestly clan Cohen. Someone might say that this is all coincidentally, but you know if there is at least two accidents, it’s not a chance. Especially when it comes to such delicate things.


Everything falls into place

Although genetic testing for kinship and origin affected only a very small part of the world’s population, they have brought down many small and large errors. For example, it became clear that the Caucasus is not the original home of the aryan race, so the term caucasian with respect to the aryans totally meaningless. With the same success they can be called «chinesian» guided by the (improved!) the fact that tocharians lived in the territory of modern China. And the term «Indo-European» is also wrong, it turns out that Europeans have gone out of India. Whether business, «African Americans» — USA negros it really is of African descent.

Even more nonsense look of the XIX century theory of the Tibetan origin of the aryans. From the vicinity of Tibetan ancestry is indeed of many nations, but to the aryans, they are irrelevant.

Also refuted the suggestion amusing that Koba Dzhugashvili-Stalin is the son of the famous explorer Przewalski. Indeed, they are very similar and the Przewalski was in Gori, about the time when the mother of the future «luminary of all sciences», became pregnant. Dzhugashvili himself has never confirmed nor denied these rumors, that for Caucasians strange than just increased the «suspicion». But now the question can be closed: the Caucasian haplogroup Dzhugashvili G2, a Przewalski — R1a. It appears by the name of the Belarusian-Polish descent, which is consistent with the fact that he was «land» traveler.

Generalissimo Dzhugashvili? No, traveler Przewalski!


Relative to the Poles, refuted the myth blown at the time the gentry. Gentry to substantiate their status by the fact that it does not come from the Slavs and Sarmatians from (in their view, something like «superior race»). This is — nonsense, Sarmatians had haplogroup G is represented in Poland slightly, while the gentry there was almost a third of the population.

On the example of Tutankhamun (R1b) proved that some of the royal dynasties of Egypt could be aryan haplogroup, which confirms the long-held assumption that the original of «civilization» had been brought there from the Eurasian continent, perhaps aryans.

Refuted and frankly delusional theories put forward and spins some religious sects. For example, that Russian (optional — Ukrainians) or the American WASPs — is «the tribes of Israel», ie, descendants of the characters mentioned in the Bible. But about the Israeli tribe we have said, and now this issue is made clear genetic, but apparently someone really want to feel like the Old Testament patriarchs relatives. Americans justified the destruction of the Indians that they are «Israelites», «chosen people» who gave «Promised Land» — America. Who read the Old Testament, especially the five books of Moses and the book of Joshua will understand how Americans sketched its pattern of behavior. Incidentally, this is one of the questions that aryans have decided to «almost to the end» (but not completely!) And, as we see, the decision they took was not from aryan sources. I am sure, the Indians still make a retaliatory move!

However, in some of the things included confusion. For example, in the origin of the Russian ruling dynasty since Paul I. Official — he was the son of Catherine II (Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg), and Peter III (Karl Peter Ulrich von Holstein-Gottorp). But it’s official. Realistically, in the fact that Paul was the son of Peter III, few believed that the more they were quite similar, and Paul was born on the tenth year of their lives ashamed. Seemed the most plausible version of what Paul was the son of then-favorite of Catherine Sergei Saltykov, especially since it looks like Paul. But! Peter III was Oldenburg, and they are all R1b. Nicholas II — the last tsar — also R1b. It turns out that Saltykov and must be from the same group, which is unlikely, given the Turk or Tartar origin of the name. Anyway, this group is very rare among Russian. So there are two options: either Paul was the biological son of the tsar himself slandered in Russian history, or to fertilize Catherine Oldenburg sent someone else, because at stake was not a trifle, and the Russian throne! It remains to note that Paul I kept exactly the same pro-Prussian policy as Peter III.

Hit and the so-called. «paganism.» According to some of its aspects. Here’s an example we take the east-pagans who believe that their kind are either out of «Svarog» or from «Perun» or «Dazhdbog.» Some even arrange temples where dance around «Perun» is usually performed as a member of a giant wooden-headed old man, or wooden women with drooping breasts, wearing a «people’s clothes» embroidered with swastikas. But everything is easier, much easier. Founder of the R1a1, that is kind of central eastern Slavs was born about 7000 years ago, most likely in the woods or by the river. It is possible that he possessed unusual abilities and in his youth was considered a demigod. Nature, too, not a fool. And the fact that he left behind a number of children who could be in the hundreds, no doubt. I understand that this is impossible, but if you learn all the nuances of this biography of the progenitor, we could write «Life» and agree with all the pagan holidays — The Annunciation (the day when his mother found out she was pregnant), Christmas (when he was born first R1a1) , Transfiguration (when the child was initiated and was named), Assumption (day of death) and many other interesting dates. It would be fair, it would be a real basis for paganism based on the cult of the real kind, the real worship of ancestors.

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